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  1. PROG8R

    Secrets of pool hustling.

    All about the spot :-)
  2. PROG8R

    Deposit for custom cue build

    I called Laurie Franklin almost 20 years ago. Told her what I wanted, got a called about 9 years later to see if I needed any changes, NOPE. No deposit, paid for cue after completion. No Deposit.
  3. PROG8R

    Shane VanBoening VS: Chang Jung Lin Tomorrow LIVE in Ft Worth Tx

    It is weird to see Shane get blown out like this. I know 7 games isn't really a blow out on paper but damn. Get back to the grind Shane. "Rocky III"
  4. PROG8R

    Rooms in Orlando area

    Can't think of any but maybe this place: Cue-Phoria Billiards
  5. PROG8R

    Omen Deluxe Sneaky Pete Cocobolo/BEM #62

    love the way his cues hit.
  6. PROG8R

    Fs jacoby custom cue

    Did you ever sell this? I am looking for a Bowman series Jacoby.
  7. PROG8R

    RT Custom cue - parts

    Did this ever sell?
  8. PROG8R

    Volunteers needs for additional forum mods

    I will do it. Time for me to get back into action.:wink:
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    Sky vs. Jesse

    I seem to remember a guy named John MORRA beating Jesse pretty bad once. I would like to see Sky and John play some. Someone make that happen.
  10. PROG8R

    Sky vs. Jesse

    40-39 Jesse
  11. PROG8R

    Men vs. women

    I don't know about anyone else out there, but I would PPV to watch Bartrum play GYK or Yu Ram some sets for cash. Someone has to be able to set that up. Banks, 14.1, then 9ball.
  12. PROG8R

    Eye Dominance

    It only takes a second. I cant tell you how surprised I was to to find myself looking through the hole with my right eye. I never felt confident using other methods, but this ended any questions I had.
  13. PROG8R

    Which Of These 2 Cues Would You Buy??

    I like the Schon, but dang those MEZZ cues feel great and play JAM up. Also resale better.
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    Eye Dominance

    here is the easiest way: To Find Your Dominant Eye This experiment is called the Dolman method of determining ocular dominance. It is quick and easy. Take any piece of paper or cardboard and, somewhere in its center, cut out a square or circle. Make it about one inch wide. It does not...
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    Men vs. women

    I have been in a few events here in the South East. There aren't a lot of women in them. Don't dog out tourneys around here without checking the players lists. I was in one a few years ago.. If I can remember right.. Yu Ram Cha and Thorsten H split. And we had our share of players. I have...
  16. PROG8R

    FS: Dan Janes Sneaky and Instroke 2x4

    Here's to a brand new day.
  17. PROG8R

    ^^^ Satin South Wests ^^^

    I hate you. :winknudge:
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    Mike Sigel shares "the Key" he learned from Irving Crane in Dallas Texas

    I dont think the main link works anymore, but you can click on this: It was a lot of of various FL tour stuff. Back when the big names used to come play. Also some stories, commentary in the old school section...
  19. PROG8R

    Mike Sigel shares "the Key" he learned from Irving Crane in Dallas Texas

    here is a video of Bob. Damn good!
  20. PROG8R

    Poison Tour FL state Championships.