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    So Mezz has a new joint pin

    To echo Garzar: "The older shafts will go on the new butt. Just can't put a new W2 shaft on a Wavy1 butt. I think its kinda goofy as well." Predator has used a variety of existing joints. I have a United joint on a Mezz shaft and it seems to be a very satisfactory joint. They've now created...
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    So Mezz has a new joint pin

    I play with Mezz playing cue and break cue but all these different joints are confusing and to me a big turn off. My playing cue has a United joint. It is tight as a tick and has no problems that I can perceive. Message to Mezz -- stop making different joints; it's a negative not a positive.
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    LaScala Cue Club University City, MO 1965

    One of the great grandsons of the owner of LaScala Cue Club in University City, MO (room was around in the 60s and 70s) was curious about what I knew about his great grandparents' pool room. He asked me and I replied in a Conversation about what I remembered. I don't know if he wants to be...
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    GPS trackers for cue cases

    Me too. Air Tag. The better you hide it in your case the more likely the thief won't find it and it will keep working.
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    Is the Simonis X1 worth it for cleaning the Simonis 860?? I read the instructions and it says to rub back and forth with the X1 to clean the cloth.

    I have one, use it regularly after a light Dustbustering and I think it works very well. Glad I bought it.
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    Archers Not So Comeback and Commentary

    You are right Jay. Caras won in 1967 in St. Louis. I was there.
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    Side Pocket Blockers

    I have seen pocket blockers. A fellow who travels around in a large motorhome comes to our pool hall in the winter every year. He puts these pocket blockers into a pocket billiards table and plays and teaches three-cushion billiards. Don't know who made them but they seem to work fine. I'll...
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    Anyone have a hard time listening to Scott Frost in the MC?

    Thanks for the Like Jay. It means a lot to me as I am a big fan of yours.
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    Meucci sale....???

    Concerning Meucci-- I know of no product of any type sold in the US that has such a high percentage of owners and former owners who go out of their way to tell people how bad the product and customer service are and how they would never ever buy another. With solid American cue makers like...
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    Anyone have a hard time listening to Scott Frost in the MC?

    I thought Scott did a fine job, spoke clearly, had interesting insights and explained a lot of things other commentators would likely have overlooked.
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    Allison Fisher as Mosconi Cup Commentator

    My favorite Mosconi Cup commentator is Allison Fisher; best by far!
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    Anyone have a hard time listening to Scott Frost in the MC?

    My favorite MR commentator is Allison Fisher; best by far!
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    The Best Ever List of Pool Nicknames

    Rotten Mouth Johnson -- used to play at Grand-Olive Billiards in St. Louis.
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    On the road from 69 -85

    Great stories from mr3cushion and all the others. I've been kicking around the pool world since the early '60s and I never ran across any big gambling at 3 cushion. mr3cushion did you ever play at Grand-Olive Billiards in St. Louis? Freddie B told me he played in his only three cushion...
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    League trophy

    My team won the APA Division Championship one season a few years ago and we all received a blue plastic eight inch trophy. I came home proud as a peacock, that is until my eight year old said "Dad the second grade Chess Club trophies looked better than that one."
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    Thanks for the invite == can't make it.

    Thanks for the invite == can't make it.
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    Wonderful post and advice. PLEASE keep them coming Keith. You are a treasure to the pool world.
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    Who Really Invented One Pocket?

    Very well researched and written. It was a wonderful look back.
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    Tuck and Roll

    What do you have to do to get banned from the aiming forum?
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    RIP Danny Basavich

    Here is a picture of Danny with the trophy I bought from him. I asked him repeatedly whether he really wanted to sell it and he assured me he did. He said he didn't have room for all his trophies. This one is first place from the 2003 Joss Northeast Nine Ball Tournament at Break Time Sports...