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    Players with earbuds or earplugs?

    I wear them whether it's practicing or playing someone heads up. I pay attention to the game so communication is never an issue. Some people might think it's rude but I'll do me and you do you.
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    Interested in the lathe. Text or call 601.573.4254.

    Interested in the lathe. Text or call 601.573.4254.
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    Earl Grow Up!!

    I'll answer your question - Earl is good for the game. Pool is a game with a long history of characters and he's certainly one of them. He's a player with tremendous passion for the game and that's very much needed. He hasn't changed and nor will he in the future. If you don't like his style or...
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    Treadway Conversion and Custom case combo

    Beautifully done cue by Josh Treadway, This is a true Brunswick Titlist conversion. Cue is in excellent overall condition 9/10. Both shafts are 4.1 ounces and 13mm. One shaft is unplayed. The butt is 14 ounces and features nice ring work and an amazing leather wrap. If you know about Treadway...
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    Best Pro Players

    Just based on cue ball control it - none were better than Buddy Hall.
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    Who is your top 5 cue makers?

    1. Rambow 2. Pre 85 Tad 3. Josh Treadway 4. Kent Davis 5. Verl Horn I currently playing with a Treadway and it's the best pure player I've owned. These list are fun and subjective but for my $$$ if i'm buying a pure player I'm getting a Treadway.
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    One Piece Cue

    Does any custom cue maker currently make a one piece? Not a snooker cue, but a one piece pool cue? Thanks.
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    Getten the urge

    I play worse on a bar box. I have a few theories on it but overall my game is more consistent on a big table. I've dabbled some on a bar box and it's just not my preference.
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    Best One-Pocket Players

    Big difference between the "best" and "favorite." Plus, more than any other game you have a match up in styles. The Chicago squeeze versus the more wide open west coast style. I've spent more time in the east, therefore I'm somewhat bias toward East Coast players, because I've seen them more...
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    Top five 9Ball Players of all time?

    I"m an old bastard have seem damn near all of the play at some point. Here is my semi-educated Top 5 1. Harold Worst - Explosive and feared by everybody. Lassiter never wanted to stake his world champion reputation against him. 2. Luther Lassiter - Whimpy was just a gem. I propbably should...
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    Best US player: Archer or SVB?

    A race to 100 would ba a helluva mach up that would be interesting to see. It would truly be gambling in my opinion. Archer is more consistant, but I think Shane's high gear has a little more top end that Johnny's. As far as the statement made about Archer being the best America has EVER...
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    WTB Titlist blanks

    I'm looking for Titlist blanks. Please PM if you have any for sale.
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    Slivka sighting lately

    I spent some time near the Pittsburg area and saw him there and at the Derby at few times. I always thought he was somewhat underrated, because when he turned it on he could be strong.
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    Slivka sighting lately

    He always seemed to be a nice guy and hit the balls pretty sporty too. How did he hit the balls at White Diamonds? Just wondering...hate to see somebody waste talent.
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    Slivka sighting lately

    Anybody seen or heard from this guy in a while? Just curious...seems to have dropped off the planet.
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    Best Lines You Ever Heard...

    Dreaming "If you even dream about beating me then you need to wake up, call me and apologize."