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    Redwood Burl into Curley maple 8 high low points Excellent condition Butt refinished by Eric himself like new
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    help on buying my first table

    Gold Crown1 Simple choice
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    only $ 19.99 Limited edition
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    Need help identifying a tip

    Thanks that is definitely it.
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    Need help identifying a tip

    Anyone know what kind of tip this is? Thanks in advance
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    Looking for wrapless Scruggs or SugarTree

    Sugartree pics Here is sugartree pics
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    Digicue Blue Not Connecting on Android

    Try a new battery
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    How to get marks out of balls

    Automobile bug and tar remover will do it easily
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    Dumbest question ever asked on AZB....

    easy solution It's all in the technique.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    a couple of laughs A couple of funnies
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    Scam or Honest Mistake?

    Answer to this thread Hi, I have known Karl Sloezen for quite a few years and consider him a good friend. Having seen this post I have spoken to him about it as he does not follow AZB. Karl had not spoken to the OP Pogmothoin but had spoken to the OP's friend who was interested in purchasing a...
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    LTB: Stroke Training Devices

    I have a digi-cue blue available. PM ME IF YOU'RE INTERESTED
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    WTB shaft 5/16x14 black collar w/silver ring

    I have a Bob Frey in mint condition 1/2 inch collar silver ring. .84 dia. 1.1/8 inch ferrule not ivory 12.4 dia. 3.8 ounces slight taper roll
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    cue tip cover

    I know where they are available
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    Toby Sweet
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    Jim Pierce Merry Widow

    Lowered price to $449
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    Jim Pierce Merry Widow

    Priced at $499
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    Chances of meeting single female that likes billiards

    I know where they are Send me $100 friends and family and I will tell you where they are.Here is an example...
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    APA screwed our very own sleinen out of a national championship

    apa explains what occurred Good afternoon everyone, I wanted to take a few moments to clarify a couple of things for people who had heard about a team from the Hudson Valley which was disqualified in the 9-Ball World Championship this year. There have been a number of rumors floating around...