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  1. cowboyup200560

    Pat Diveney help

    pat d Pat is as straight up as they come. His son danny is also. Both of these guys will go above and beyond what you would expect someone to do for a customer.
  2. cowboyup200560

    What Youngsters Want Old Masters Cues?

    quality Being a younger player, i have came up through all the low deflection/odern hype.My first real cue was a cheap lucasi. it played ok, then i put a 314 on it. I played it a while, then got the chance to play a Tasc for a few racks. It was game over for me. the fit, finish, hit, sound...
  3. cowboyup200560

    Ohio's Pool Scene is BOOMING!

    des moines isnt bad Des moines iowa isnt too bad. Monday: suzy q's tuesday: big dogs handicapped 8 ball friday, big dogs 10 ball, the rack free roll 8 ball(cash added) saturday: michelles sunday: michelles early and late. the rack 9 ball monday, wednesday, and thursday are league nights all...
  4. cowboyup200560

    How Bad did I just screw myself?

    thanks Thanks for the laughs and advice guys. i spent a couple hours practicing my break last night. First few racks i wasnt spreading the balls as well as before, but after adjusting my bridge a bit, and concentrating on where im hitting the cue ball a little more, im blowing them up and...
  5. cowboyup200560

    How Bad did I just screw myself?

    beard Its too close to winter to even think about shaving for one lol. and for 2, it wouldnt be the first time i ****ed up. nor the last.
  6. cowboyup200560

    Where’s the action in Nashville Tennessee?

    play come to des moines, ill play. ill lose but ill play and then try to match you up with some of our better players. I cant stand guys who are too chicken shit to lose a few bucks to find out where they stand.
  7. cowboyup200560

    Earl vs SVB race to 21

    11 racks yes he did, and i would love to see that tape
  8. cowboyup200560

    How Bad did I just screw myself?

    Yea, its one of those things i kind of feel like if it wasnt broke i shouldnt have tried to fix it lol
  9. cowboyup200560

    Earl vs SVB race to 21

    11 racks its just too bad he didnt get the whole mil
  10. cowboyup200560

    How Bad did I just screw myself?

    10 ball I just really hope I dont have to completely re learn how to break 10 ball.
  11. cowboyup200560

    $500 break cue

    breaker Straight break or Jump/break? for a dedicated break i really like the jacoby hybrid. for a jump break ive always loved my andy gilbert i had. i actually liked the gilbert over the jacoby even not using the jump section.
  12. cowboyup200560

    What Youngsters Want Old Masters Cues?

    old school I am 31 years old, my main player is a mike bender. I cannot stand modern, laminate shafts, low deflection, or any of that stuff. Give me old straight grain maple and uncapped ferrules any day. So yes, I would have zero problems playing an old school cue. The only part i dont care...
  13. cowboyup200560

    How Bad did I just screw myself?

    break tip oh dear lord no, my player is my ebony nosed bender. i may be dumb but not that dumb lol. Although i did use to do that back as a kid hustling drinks i the bars. Guys would complain about me beating them all night so i would offer to shoot with my breaker as a "spot". A white diamond...
  14. cowboyup200560

    How Bad did I just screw myself?

    So, first off, I am about 4 months back off a 6 year retirement from the game. I before i was what i would call a mediocre player, maybe break and run a rack of 9 ball once a month, 8 ball i could run out more often but usually wasnt running the pattern the right way. So, now that I'm back...
  15. cowboyup200560

    My Pechauer problem...

    You'd be surprised how many don't know this. I had to explain it to a tourny director who watched me use this method to concede a tourny match because I had to leave early. Was up 3 racks, got a text from the wife informing me they were taking my son to the e.r. so I called out to my opponent...
  16. cowboyup200560

    Need Help I.D This Schon, Please

    Actually Bob did make a few CNC pointed cues near the end of his time with schon. Although I do agree its a Clarke era cue
  17. cowboyup200560

    XPC - Tony Crosby's Florida Pool Tour Stop #4 Strokers FREE Live Stream Oct. 18-19th

    Watching the Crosby match vs uwate right now. Good match
  18. cowboyup200560

    Lessons from a pro?

    I did the deal with archer and Strickland a few years ago. Did it help? Yea but do me it was more about hanging out with them imo
  19. cowboyup200560

    Southwest #345-01

    Guys i am really sorry i posted this from my phone via tapatalk. Somehow two threads got created and in a 10 min period i received 8 pms vinnie was the first one in those pms to say i will take it. I just returned home from the post office and the cue has been shipped and payment has been...
  20. cowboyup200560

    Southwest #345-01

    Sold thank you all i went in order of first pm received to vinnie