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  1. TDub

    Jump/Break Cue Ideas

    Hello, just curious what break cue most of you use and what your thoughts are on them. I have been searching for a affordable jump/break cue that performs well. Any comments are welcomed.
  2. TDub

    Contact Info

    Good call... I should have realized that was an issue.
  3. TDub

    Contact Info

    Thank you for the info, i have been calling that number and no answer. Cant even get a voice mail.
  4. TDub

    Contact Info

    Hello everyone I am looking for contact information for Andy Gilbert at Gilbert Cues. I know he moved recently and I am not sure that I have the right info. Email and phone would be perfect.
  5. TDub

    Cue Rattle

    Hello everyone, let me thank you all for any input you provide before I start. I have a custom cue that was built for me in 2011. I have noticed that when I angle the cue and drop the cue on the floor in the butt bumper I hear a rattle in the cue. It does not rattle when shooting and it does...
  6. TDub

    Regas Chefas your cue is finished...

    Nice work bob!!!!
  7. TDub

    Replacing Tips

    I was wondering if there is something out there that would help me replace tips and get a professional finish at a reasonable price. I know some have recommended the willard tip machine but wondered if there was something out there other than this tool? Thanks!!!
  8. TDub

    Overcoming Fear And Self Doubt

    Hello all, I belong to a small APA league here locally and I am on a very successful team. I have noticed a trend, I tend to perform very well during the season but once the playoffs start I have trouble. I have narrowed the issue down to confidence and self doubt. Does anyone have any...
  9. TDub

    Southwest Cues

    I am curious and have to ask for some feedback from you all, I have been looking at Southwest due to no other reason but the popularity on this site and word of mouth from pool peers. I reached out to have my name put on the waiting list, TEN YEARS? So why is this brand of cue so popular and...
  10. TDub

    Break Cue

    I am currently in the market for a good cheap break cue. I have narrowed my search down to Fury or J and J... let me know your experience, it would be very useful to help with my decision. Thanks for your help...
  11. TDub

    Verizon iPhone 5 32gig

    For Sale This forum is only for pool products... not iPhones...
  12. TDub

    Kevin V

    History I dont think any harm is meant here, he was just giving you his experience.. he means no disrespect. That is what the forum is for.
  13. TDub

    Wtb Gilbert cue

    Gilbert Here is one for you to consider.
  14. TDub

    Single Rail Kicking System

    I struggle with kicking, anyone have a good resource that I can pick up for assistance?
  15. TDub

    Andy Gilbert

    Gilbert Still For sale.... All offers considered
  16. TDub

    Andy Gilbert

    Make an offer...
  17. TDub

    Andy Gilbert

    Pics Here are some pics of the cue..
  18. TDub

    Andy Gilbert

    Just sending out a feeler, I have an Andy Gilbert that I have had for about seven months. It is a four point ebony forearm and butt with amboyna points... propeller inlays... let me know if your interested.. will have pics later... send me a pm is your interested in pics and where to send them.
  19. TDub

    Schon STL 15 For Sale

    Cue is sold Sorry but the cue is sold... thanks for the interest.
  20. TDub

    Pre-American Flag Masters

    I have a few, some are used some are new. Just PM me with an offer and how many.. i will see what i can do for you.