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  1. ToomnyQs

    SW Satin

    Great Satin here fellas
  2. ToomnyQs

    SW Satin

    Offering for sale this test hit Satin SW in New condition. Cue is 19.6oz. Butt is 15.9oz.... Shaft is 3.7oz. Great playing weight for a SW.. Sold.
  3. ToomnyQs

    Wanted .Gulyassy orange crusher break cue

    Looking to buy an orange crusher breaker made by Mike Gulyassy. Call or text Dan. 509 919 5224
  4. ToomnyQs

    Falcon ,Adam, helmsteter, schon

    I have an Adams Drake in excellent condition I'll sell you. $585 Dan 509 919 5224. Call or text
  5. ToomnyQs

    ISO information/ phone number for Tommy O'Connor cues. TIA.

    Tom O Connor phone number is 818 3657893. He moved his shop an all the equipment to the northwest
  6. ToomnyQs

    Josswest 1x2

  7. ToomnyQs

    Josswest 1x2

  8. ToomnyQs

    [emoji631] Aaron Astle Gabon Ebony [emoji631]

    Gorgeous cue Greg. Beautiful offering
  9. ToomnyQs

    Zan hybrid max tip

    Page 9
  10. ToomnyQs

    Zan hybrid max tip

    Check the for sale forum. There's a bunch for sale. $33 each. Try page 5-10
  11. ToomnyQs

    Thanks... shafts all acquired!! Admin delete, pls.

    Give me a call or text Joe. Dan 509 919 5224
  12. ToomnyQs

    Vintage old Adam Cue

    I have a Drake I'll sell.. Dan 509 919 5224
  13. ToomnyQs

    Older Joss cue

    I have several that I might sell. These are top shelf cues. No junk here . Some are plain and some are not. Prices vary.
  14. ToomnyQs

    Early 80s SW

    $2300 is crazy for this cue. It plays great.. rolls straight .. Not all beat up. This cue market sucks. Come on guys
  15. ToomnyQs

    Early 80s SW

    Price adjustment.
  16. ToomnyQs

    Early 80s SW

    No longer for sale
  17. ToomnyQs

    Stunning "VIGUS" Ebony wrapless

    Price adjustment.
  18. ToomnyQs

    Stunning "VIGUS" Ebony wrapless

    Always open to offers and part trades for good merch..
  19. ToomnyQs

    Low deflection shafts in 3/8x11 pin

    I think I have a Vantage 3/8-11 I'll sell Dan 509 919 5224
  20. ToomnyQs

    Heubler cue case.

    I have a few nice ones. Dan 509 919 5224