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  1. stevekur1

    Straight pool specialists

    I Have played in quite a few Pro Events....How ya doin buddy ?
  2. stevekur1

    2022 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Ran an 89 yesterday 1/11/22, was in a game and did this off the break in a 100 point game. Thought I was going to tackle my goal of running out the game off the break in the first inning. I was so close I tasted it and got careless.
  3. stevekur1

    2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Got 3 away from tying my high run on 11/11/21 during practice. Put me down for a 133 😕
  4. stevekur1

    2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Thank you Brotha, hope all is well with you.
  5. stevekur1

    2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    I had a 104 Ball run on 10/12/21 against my good buddy Johnny Boy in a game at Bayshore Billiiards Long Island NY. I pocketed 106 and scratched 😴 This run was the first time that anyone ran a 100+ on John, so I piopped his cherry, and he toasted me with a round of Stella’s
  6. stevekur1

    2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Been a while since I’ve logged on here…nice shooting everyone Steve
  7. stevekur1

    2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Start me off with a 59 on 1/24/21 all breakshots were underneath the
  8. stevekur1

    3rd Ball Safeties

    Hey Dan, this looks like a great post you can bring over to the Straight Pool Fanatics page. Would you be so king as to do the honors. I would like you to get the kudos. Thanks Steve
  9. stevekur1

    Jimmy Caras Anecdote

    Very nice post Dan, thanks so much for sharing that. Steve
  10. stevekur1

    List of Living 200+ Runners

    we over at Straight Pool Fanatics (facebook group) have his personal best set at 256, as per what he had told us when we created the list a little while back. Het=y if you are on facebook, come join the group. its a very good group we have set up.
  11. stevekur1

    How to find out, how far away is your high run goal .

    Very interesting stats and info. I can see you are quarentined too Steve
  12. stevekur1

    2020 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    I'm sure you see that i am a Huge fan as well. Saw them live 68 Times (yeah i'm one of those fans). I still cant believe Neil has left us. may he Rest In Peace. I saw that you are on the page after i sent this. Please feel free to post te run on our page. Glad to have you on board. Steve
  13. stevekur1

    2020 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Love It, that for playing some Rush 2112 - Temple of Syrinx for me as well. Keep it up sir, you still on Facebook ? come join our great 14.1 group called STRAIGHT POOL FANATICS. lots of great members and subject matter, with many great members from the hayday of AZB 14.1 Steve
  14. stevekur1

    all 14.1 lovers. Great computer game for 14.1.

    you just get lucky all the time to beat's all good my friend. enjoying the game..I make comeback soon on you !
  15. stevekur1

    Breakout ball choice

    I like to say that which ever side of the table you can reach better. also it depends which side you play better. (right cuts, Left cuts), but in the end which ever you choose. commit to the shot and donnt think while down on the shot that maybe you should play the other. give 100% on the ball...
  16. stevekur1

    What Pool Rooms Still Open?

    All the rooms on Long Island NY have closed, including the one i work at and run my 14.1 league out of. which as of right now we are closed til March 31st !!! ugh
  17. stevekur1

    2020 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    86 last night 3/5/20, had to make a ridiculous shot after a breakshot. let the cueball loose. cue ball ended up in a weird spot after cueball had ran into several balls. ended up missing a very makeable combo. i did have other tougher shots, but i felt this combo solved a problem on the table...
  18. stevekur1

    List of Living 200+ Runners

    here a link to it
  19. stevekur1

    List of Living 200+ Runners

    Dont think Steve frequents AZB much anymore. He is very active on our facebook page "Straight Pool Fanatics", if you are on facebook look it up. it's a great page we have set up there.
  20. stevekur1

    Harder 8' or 9' for 14.1 Straight Pool?

    i've run over 100 eight times now with a HR of 136 and have played all other games. and still find that 14.1 is the hardest of all games. I think even harder on a 8' Table, more congestion. i did manage to run a 77 on a diamond bar table