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    Wikipedia and American Pool Players

    Danny Garner N.J. State Champion
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    Thank you very much. That is very generous of you, but I do want to get my old cue back. Thanks again, Ray
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    That is my cue I sold to a friend of mine many years ago, the one I am looking for has my name on the bottom. Ray Martin
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    Ray Martin's Balabushka

    Hey Dean The cue the cue you describe was the cue that I won my first 2 championships with has a nickel joint and my name on the bottom of it. Ray Martin
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    Ray Martin's Balabushka

    You are correct Eric aka Fatboy the cue you have is on the soft cover of my book, won the 1978 World championship with it, would love to have it back one day. Ray Martin
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    I wish I could, but do not have any photo's to post, the only photo of the cue is when I won the World 14.1 championship in California at the table 1974 was made by Bushka it was sold by a friend of mine a long time ago. Ray
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    Hey, Everybody, I got a little bug on and want to buy one of my old cues back. I won my first two world championships with it and it has my name in the butt cap. So, I am reaching out to anyone who might know the person that bought the cue. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Ray
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    Over 80

    Hey Jay Still can run a hundred if i really want to, playing a lot of one pocket, no 9 ball or straight pool. Ray
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    Over 80

    Hi everybody,Happy New year. To all that would like to know my chin is 10 inches from the cue and i will be 84 this Feb. Ray
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    Straight pool instuction

    I am still here if you are interested, Ray Martin
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    Fraudulent Representation of Szamboti Cue

    I want to thank all you guy's for all the memories. I do believe I finished 2nd in the 14.1 to Jim Rempe maybe 6th one pocket. Ray
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    Fraudulent Representation of Szamboti Cue

    Well thanks for your input, did not anyone spending a lot of money thinking they were getting a one of a kind cue that was made for me. Ray
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    Fraudulent Representation of Szamboti Cue

    The seller of a cue is using my name, Ray Martin, to sell what he says is a Szamboti cue on eBay. He is asking $13,000 for it and he says Gus made it for me. This is false information. Gus never made that cue for me. He is posting it as a one of a kind. I notified eBay and they said they...
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    WTB: Szamboti stitch-ring shaft

    I have a shaft that you may like, it is from the seventies, if you have an interest my e- mail or call me 727 798 5561 Ray Martin
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    one opinion on Mosconi

    Hi Dean Sorry I did not get back to you, I never check my in box until today, if you are still interested call me 727 798 5561
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    Dan Gartner...Stories, how good was he?

    Dan was a good man, he was in insurance, we would play straight pool at the Clifton Billiard Lounge where he was part owner, years down the road I bought the place. Danny was N.J. State Champion in 14.1 and he may have been i pocket champ from the Stardust Casino i do not no the year. hope this...
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    Best Black Players Of All Time

    Your post on Cisero being the only one to win a World Straight Pool title is not correct Ray Martin also won on his first attempt. Best regards Ray Martin
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    Pro Instructors in Florida

    I will be in Tampa area Feb. the first, doing a show at the Villages North of Tampa Jan. 28 29 30 31. Ray Martin
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    The first thing to do is take care of your problem balls first, in the video you took a back break shot away and then you went after the trouble balls. Ray Martin
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    Ray Martin Contact Information

    Hello Wedge This is Ray Martin if you need to speak to me, my phone number is 727 798 5561