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  1. jlrowe

    Sold Couple Envelope style Road Cases...

    Well guys thanks! I am sold out and orders filled. I will post back up when i can find some more of this leather.
  2. jlrowe

    Sold Couple Envelope style Road Cases...

    Thanks Mike, yeah there are no dividers. If i decide to do anymore i plan on doing dividers.
  3. jlrowe

    Sold Couple Envelope style Road Cases...

    Off the bench at the Armadillo Custom Shop. Designed to be a 1 butt 3 shaft modified envelope case. I designed this because i have mostly custom cues with 2 original shafts and my favorite playing shaft. You can put 2 butts one joint end up and one joint end down and 2 shafts but really tight. I...
  4. jlrowe

    Jeff Bell Custom Cue

    Definitely will(y)......Yep, his cues always moved the cueball well and he used some nice woods that was local to him like cherry burl and claro walnut.
  5. jlrowe

    3/8×10 and 3/8×11 taps

    With Victor Machinery. The minimum order is 25 bucks. But I can order (2) 3/8x10 taps, a .302 reamer and a extra long shank bit for 58 bucks shipped. that includes 16 bucks shipping.
  6. jlrowe

    3/8×10 and 3/8×11 taps

    Place i got my 3/8x10 was Victor. they are definitely the cheapest you will find on the internet. If you dont mind waiting on shipping from overseas a great place to purchase specialty taps and supplies is cuefits on ebay...
  7. jlrowe

    Jeff Bell Custom Cue

    Sweet cue....Yes the inlays are more than likely Corian. He used Corian alot. He even sent me some once. Yes, you got a steal on that one. I know because i had it saved from the facebook post. She didnt post a maker just the price. It would have been one the upper end of his price range...
  8. jlrowe

    *Wanted Cornbread Red Sherm Adamson*

    Looking for the cue Sherm made for Cornbread Red about 25 years ago. It has Cornbred Red in the buttsleeve. He offered to sell it to me not long before he passed. I didnt have the money at that time. Would like to find it for sentimental reasons. I will pay a finders fee also if i can locate the...
  9. jlrowe

    ISO Brown Huebler Bumper

    I think the brown bumpers on Chris's site is the darker brown. More inline with the brunswick KU bumpers.
  10. jlrowe

    What does pumping the cue over and over up in the air before their shot do for the pros?

    Yes I do it almost all the time now. It helps you slow down and think about fundamentals, I will adjust my stroke length in the air, focus on my body alignment, get my wrist and grip right, adjust how far back i need to be so when i go down I have the correct distance my cue tip from ball and i...
  11. jlrowe

    Your best playing production cue

    Had a couple Falcons in the mid 90's that played pretty jam up!
  12. jlrowe

    Rat cue ?

    Almost bet ya it was that nice stack wrap!😁
  13. jlrowe

    How much longer must we endure this insane format CSI is pushing

    I have very little interest in watching professional pool. I get more enjoyment out of two guys or girls throwing hundreds up on the light and going at it. I love the interaction between players whether its rivalry or complimenting their opponent on great shots. Two players interacting and...
  14. jlrowe

    Questions on Bone or Ivory ferrule install?

    Thanks Mike, I guess it does come down to proper fit. My first ox bone 5/8" ferrule. I was nervous. Used G bit and tapped with spiral bottom tap. Threads came out great. Once installed and turned down only time will tell.
  15. jlrowe

    Questions on Bone or Ivory ferrule install?

    Should all Ivory and bone ferrules be tapped and capped? Also, is 1/8" cap enough to prevent cracking? Would a G be better than F to prevent a crack due to pressure of tapping? Thanks!
  16. jlrowe

    Sold Bludworth Cue FS LOWER PRICE

    Wow this cue hasnt sold yet at this price. Cant believe there is no love for a Hall of Fame cuemaker. I remember about '93 I wanted a Bludworth so bad.
  17. jlrowe

    Nicest pros?

    Ralph, Alex, Nick, to give a shout out to Tom Rossman also. Women got to give a shout out to Vivian the texas tornado.
  18. jlrowe

    Thread on Joss Joint collar?

    Does Joss use 5/8x11 or 5/8x18 SS joint? I know it probably wouldnt be 3/4x16 to thin walled but not sure. Thanks
  19. jlrowe

    Want a head stock that'll fit the taig lathe

    Bought the large bore and 48" bed off Todd. Here is what i put together. Running a 2.5hp treadmill motor. cue lathe
  20. jlrowe

    Want a head stock that'll fit the taig lathe

    Mid America large bore $275