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  1. dougster26

    Hey All Of You Az Lurkers - Here's Your Chance...

    I haven't been logging on since August. Had a stroke on speech. Just have a lot of trying to say things. Just wonder to say hello.
  2. dougster26

    Does anybody know how to contact Douglas Bourque?

    Are you sure the name is Douglas Bourque? There was a Dan Bourque, now retired, that lived in Sanford, Maine. You can Google his name.
  3. dougster26

    One Pocket Question

    Yes it was. Put on by POV. Took place at Hard Times Billiards 2015. Race to 4 in 2 parts. Should be able to find it by typing in their names.
  4. dougster26

    One Pocket Question

    Thanks for the answers. I had never seen this done before in a match and I've been watching a lot of 1P because I am totally fascinated by the game. It seemed like the balls were picked up closest to the line if I remember right. Also a couple of times 2 balls were picked up and spotted...
  5. dougster26

    One Pocket Question

    I was watching a match between Rodney Morris and Raphael Martinez. There were a number of times during the match when they just picked up a ball in the kitchen area and put it on the foot spot. In fact, I think if I remember right, at one time they picked up two balls and spotted them. These...
  6. dougster26

    Don "The Preacher" Freeny

    Thanks for posting that video. One of the best instructional videos on stroking that I have seen. One can really learn from that.
  7. dougster26

    How Does One Handle Opponent's *-house luck?

    Years ago when I played APA, I was going to play in a Best of Best tournament. A woman on my team said "watch out for the two"s". I was a level 5 at the time, had only been playing in the league for a year, and hadn't played in 20 years prior to joining. I beat a level 5 then a 6, and then...
  8. dougster26

    Would you spend 10 bucks

    This makes a lot of sense! A number of years ago, the local pool room had a couple of hours of free pool. People that you never ever saw showed up and played pool for the duration of the free time. They wouldn't buy anything and when the time was up they were out of there. The owner finally...
  9. dougster26

    Pool themed chain sport bars

    Just think, a pool room without a juke box. I sure would miss the rap music with the mf this and mf that -- not. Free cigars and a shot of bourbon! Hopefully we can get some Cubans. I could live in a place like that, count me in.
  10. dougster26

    Finally figured out what has been holding me back...

    How about "Diablo". That was the name of the Cisco Kid's horse.
  11. dougster26

    Some Of the Worst Advice Given On AZB

    Hit a million balls HMB. I think I'm up to 999,940 with only 60 more to go I haven't seen any real difference.
  12. dougster26

    Some Of the Worst Advice Given On AZB

    Damn, I just bought a bottle of that. Can't chug that at 101 proof because I have to drive home. However, my friend, seeing where the table is at his house is going through it at a pretty good clip.
  13. dougster26

    Addicted to cues.

    My wife and I have a standing agreement, she gets a new sewing machine, I get a new cue. She has 8 sewing machines, one dating back to 1938. I have 9 pool cues, had one before I met her. However, I wind up paying for both of them.
  14. dougster26

    Where have all the Ladies gone?

    I saw somewhere that someone said the best thing about old age is that it doesn't last long. 73 and counting. Wife said the room is ready at the home.
  15. dougster26

    Eye Movement: Do You Look at OB when Stroking?

    After I retired, I got a part time job for awhile. I was sitting at a lunch table with a woman who was probably pushing 70. A pretty girl walked by and my eyes shifted to the young lass's ass. She said why is it a man has to always look at a woman's ass. It struck me real funny and I'll...
  16. dougster26

    Cars / Cues in Avatars, is it yours?

    You sure do get attached to your pets. I know a lot of people don't like cats, but they sure are easier to take care of then a dog. My 2 Coon sit in the cellar window watching a chipmunk that I leave a bowl full of sun flower seeds for. He is just on the other side of the glass, about 4 to 6...
  17. dougster26

    Cars / Cues in Avatars, is it yours?

    Your tabby sure looks like the sister to the one in my avatar. Wish I could remember how to get pics on here. I did it once a couple of years ago but don't remember how I did it. We also have what is called a "Snowshoe'" cat. Supposedly a cross between a Siamese and an American Short Hair...
  18. dougster26

    Cars / Cues in Avatars, is it yours?

    The cat in the picture is a Maine Coon and she belongs to me and my wife. When she was 6 months old she broke her leg and had a lot of complications. I spent 4K on - I thought it was the right thing to do. She walks with a little bit of a limp but is a great cat. I should change the avatar...
  19. dougster26

    To the older bad back guys out there

    I had back problems years ago. Back locked up on me, couldn't hardly move. Many visits to the chiropractor. Haven't had a problem now for over 25 years. Remedy -- ready for this -- divorce. Yep, got rid of the ex, met a new woman that I'm still with, very happily married. Stress can do...
  20. dougster26

    Do you have a Photographic memory

    Set the shot up as best as you can remember. Use the hole re-enforcers that they use on paper in binders. I call them donuts. That way you can practice the exact same shot until it is drilled into your subconscious.