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  1. PocketPooler

    Cincinnati area cue repair

    If you look close at the light lines, you can see the grates in my light lol
  2. PocketPooler

    Cincinnati area cue repair

    I recommend myself. Ryan Meyer Custom Cues West Harrison, IN Add me on FB or call. 812 290 7644
  3. PocketPooler

    Wood Stablization?

    Pm me that info too!
  4. PocketPooler

    West system permacote

    I agree. I started usimg solarez and just switched to auto clear. I also use 105/207 clear and seems to be doing great thus far.
  5. PocketPooler

    Unique Products

    I second that!
  6. PocketPooler

    NEW!---Meyer Custom Cues Segmented Bubinga and Birdseye

    Up for grabs... Get it while it's hot! $600 Msg me here or on FB (Meyer Cues) or text 812-290-7644 Meyer Custom Cues #17-010. Cue features a Birdseye Maple forearm and butt with segmented Bubinga wrap, brown phenolic joint and butt cap. 4 stitch rings with natural, magenta, peacock and teal...
  7. PocketPooler

    Precision Tips???

    Absolutely love them
  8. PocketPooler

    Need Two Bar Tables Recovered in Monmouth Illinois

    JZMechanix. (Jack Zimmerman)Hes on my friends list. Hes does amazing work
  9. PocketPooler

    finish question

    Awesome. Will give it a shot tonight. Thanks guys!
  10. PocketPooler

    finish question

    Working on this ebony/birdseye sneaky finish. Using Solarez. The rest of the cue is perfect, but im getting this cloudiness near buttcap area in just the ebony. It is only on this one side. Thoughts and and/or remedies? Im leaning towards dirty under coat of finish or moisture on layer finish.
  11. PocketPooler

    New black phenolic supplier

    Jist ordered mine. Should be here friday. Looks like great stuff on there. Thanks!
  12. PocketPooler

    Rugs for under a billiards table

    I put a 5x7 under my table. Covers the footprint of my 9' GC2 just right. No worries about tripping over the rug while my mind is on the game. Set it and forget it.
  13. PocketPooler

    Unique Travel Tipper?

    Every product ive ever used by Unique seems to be great quality. I agree though, go with the cue companion. It folds in half if needed to travel and would be a much better option
  14. PocketPooler

    Cue companion

    Looks like Reversible motor? 1/4" shank tool post? Butt chuck and shaft chuck? Any drive pins or taps or anything come with it?
  15. PocketPooler

    ::::::full splice blanks::::::

    Very nice. Sure ill be making a purchase in the near future!
  16. PocketPooler

    cocobolo/maple billets

    Anyone have any cocobolo and maple billets or even rings they want to sell?
  17. PocketPooler

    Good cue makers

    eh hem....
  18. PocketPooler

    First Build

    Thanks everyone. Prolly 15-20 hours. The inlays took forever. Originally going to be diamonds on the butt but the damn router slipped on me hogging it out, so I fixed it by using ovals. Glad i did. Then getting ready to glue them, i couldnt find the damn points so i redid those. After the...