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    What happened to monkeynutz?

    Does anyone know what happened to the member monkey nutz?
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    Mezz HP-302 cue, with original 1st Gen Hybrid Pro shaft.

    mezz shaft for you. I have a wx700 new shaft. Pm for details.
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    Beeswing Narra

    it's been a while It's been a while since I've seen your work and very pleasant to see that it's just keeps getting better. your design is exquisite but not overly done. this is difficult to drawn a fine balance and you make it look easy. Someone is going to have an exceptional playing...
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    *****Gus & Gus*****

    Wow very cool cues. I really like both of them in different ways. the ebony one has unique double silver band rings on the top and below the wrap. this doesn't happen often in design and it really works. the rosewood version is simple elegant and understated. really great examples. thanks for...
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    ~>~>~>~~> Special Jerry Franklin <~~<~<~<~

    Thanks for that a franklin era cue?
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    color of money

    Where are you located? That would help to see how near or far you are to us.
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    Envelops Custom Cue Case

    interior pics are a plus Agreed. Interior pics would help potential buyers know how the cues would be handled inside the case.
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    Mezz Ignite Wavy joint

    where are you located?
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    Southwest Jerry Franklin 310-93 All Ebony

    Email sent Email sent...Doug
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    Predator Z-3 Shaft

    Pm sent Pm sent .......
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    Five veneer Spain nose

    Wow Thanks for sharing!!! Is this an entire cue made by Spain or a balabuskha cue with a Spain blank? Amazing either way
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    WTB - micarta ferrule shafts

    I have some micarta blanks Feel free to contact me I have several blanks
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    Ebony Cognoscenti Excellent Condition Murnak Case

    The newer cogs with black g10 pins are 58 and sometimes 59 inches. He makes them to customers requests now.
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    Paper micarta vs linen micarta

    Paper micarta is simply the best and most sought after...for a reason. It's the best playing.
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    Sold Stunning 1990 Wrapless Ebony Cog

    Great cue Blast from the past...awesome cue
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    Sold Stunning 1990 Wrapless Ebony Cog

    Blast from the past...awesome cue
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    Wanted: gaboon ebony jet black cue blanks 1.5 x 1. 5 x 18"

    I'm looking to buy completely jet black gaboon ebony cue blanks 1.5 x 1.5 x 18" preferred kiln dried Would like 4 to 5 pieces. Thanks
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    There Are Still Treasures to Find Out There... Fancy Balabushka!

    seriously....amazing this type of rare example..needs extra effort to simply take in all the various components and rare attributes from one of the masters. I need a moment to catch my breathe. seriously...amazing.
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    Balabushka by George...

    thanks!! thanks for posting up pictures to share. we love seeing fancy classics by all time greats. I really enjoy the rare ringwork above the handle...and the different design elements on the butt sleeve. The leather wrap is especially unique as it's not a typical as the linen wraps. Great...