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  1. UpMySleeves

    My Antique 6ft Valley table

    Hahaha I unfortunately have no plans on turning my garage in a strip-joint! Thanks for the fun fact.
  2. UpMySleeves

    My Antique 6ft Valley table

    Here is a last pic of finished product! Any comments, tips or thoughts welcome! Any guesses as how much it would be worth? I'm definately keeping it, but it's interesting to know!
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    My Antique 6ft Valley table

    Hey guys! I recently bought an old 6ft Valley table for 140$ online! I have a hard time dating it as I can't find the serial number anywhere. The table has been modified as it is missing the coin box (removed and replaced with plywood). It was located at the bottom left of the table. I...
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    Any CTE user in Quebec province?

    I live in Mont-Saint Hilaire, near Montreal :) I have been practicing CTE for about 2 years, but my daughter was born last october, so I haven't had time to play much pool these past months. I have the DVDs though, and enjoy the system
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    Playing Pool virtually?!

    I actually like this game too. I think the physics behind the game are the most accurate of all the others I've tried. Force and spin seem to have an impact on tragectory, and there does seem to be a little bit of throw. I love playing safety with people who have no 8-ball strategy, and these...
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    Alain Martel vs Francis Crevier - One pocket challenge - free live stream 7:30pm(est)

    Thats why he said "two of the". I'm definitely watching my local pros go at it :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2015 China Open 9ball (2-5 July2015) Shanghai

    Go Morra! Sweating a match with only updates is not easy lol. Glad to see he won that hill-hill match.
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    Archer Cup - $20,000 Trophy

    Recent AZB article on the event: And this one too, on CueSportsNation: It was a...
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    Post Bigfoot updates here

    I'm at work and streaming is obviously blocked, but the forum not. Yes updates please!
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    Congrats to Efren Reyes he wins Pac-Man 2 event

    Haha that made me laugh! Exactly what I was thinking after seeing his childish dance. Well done Efren!
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    World Pool Masters 2014 predictions!

    Haha ok bad choice of words on my part probably, but I was thinking of a thread with regular updates.
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    World Pool Masters 2014 predictions!

    I haven't seen an official thread concerning the Pool Masters. I'll bump this one by saying Congrats to Alex Pagulayan for beating the home favorite and beast of a player, Darren Appleton. Just by reading this play by play, it seemed like an incredible match...
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    Great story on Orcollo ...

    Great article, very inspirational.
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    GoPro Head Cam

    I just wish to add that the list I compiled comes from your free YouTube videos, and your many forum posts about the subject. I don't think I divulged any information that wasn't already out there. You always said many times there are 2 main perceptions that make "a zillion" shots, along with...
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    GoPro Head Cam

    In no way is my objective to give out your system for free. My post with the perceptions are available for free on your many videos (which by the way is how I found out about the system, and eventually bought the DVD). I don't think non system users know what ETA stands for, but if it's too...
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    GoPro Head Cam

    Thanks for the feedback guys! This rack was just one of my 2h practice session with the camera. I did practice specific shots with CTE called out, so will try to fetch them out and slow down the video. Putting lines on a video is easy if the image is paused, but very hard if it is moving, as...
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    GoPro Head Cam

    Let's bring back an old thread.. In response to my previous post above, Here is a quick video I did using a POV camera. I also filmed the practice session with my main camera for the table view. By watching the video, I have a hard time seeing the CTE perceptions I was seeing when doing...
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    BCA brackets

    I think this is what you're looking for:
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I don't know if this ever came up here but saw it on Facebook recently. Hilarious :
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    Crazy pool movie I just watched.

    Phil thought he was playing One pocket on that first break haha