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    Funny pic/gif thread...

  2. matta

    Faces people make right before they shoot

    Their focus is just elsewhere. At some point, making this current ball is far more important than how you look doing it. The pool table cares not how you contort your face.
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    RH Gilmer, aka Professor, R.I.P.

    This is really terrible to hear. His pool room was the center of everything that was pool in his area. What a great guy as well. Truly saddening. His two kids have been a fixture in our pool scene over the years. Sam and Melanie, our thoughts will be with you.
  4. matta

    Wood Chucks Test Your Knowledge

    How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? 1) Amboyna Burl 2) Spalted Maple 3) More Amboyna? 4) No Idea 5) Walnut Burl? 6) No Idea 7) Maple Burl 8) Buckeye Burl 9) More Buckeye Burl I got a few of them....
  5. matta

    New to league = playing like SH*T

    It's just nerves. Give yourself some time. You have learned to play pool. Now you need to learn to play league. Many people experience the same thing when they start gambling. You aren't alone. Keep at it. Come early and practice before league for a few weeks. You'll find your stroke.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Hey! We be workin on our GRAMMER TWO!
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    Are you supposed to Rep someone back?

    You will get more rep if you reciprocate. So if you are into rep whoring, rep them back.
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    New cue rituals?

    Go ahead and smack it on the light first thing. Just get it out of the way. :D
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    Who has the best looking cues on AZB, please post photos?

    Cue & Case Gallery I'll just leave this here.
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    New Orleans

    Just go to the French Quarter. If you can't find a party there, you are literally deaf, blind, and dumb.
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    Thread titles you'll never read on AZBilliards.

    It's "grammar." Ohh, the irony! LOL
  12. matta

    Thread titles you'll never read on AZBilliards.

    "User has an original thought. Everyone agrees." God forbid you say something around here that hasn't been repeated in every pool book ever written.
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    Some Of My Cues

    That cue on the left is uuuuugggly! :p Haha, nice cues man. I love the Barhnhart. I want one of his cues for my collection. A Barnhart and a Haley would round out my collection of cues from the nicest cuemakers.
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    A Few Questions About Cue Construction---Need Answers.

    Haha. I think I was feeling a little antagonistic last night. It looks like we stirred up a good thread, though. Nice work! :wink: I stand corrected. My little cue universe has been broadened once again. Thanks,
  15. matta

    A Few Questions About Cue Construction---Need Answers.

    Can we see some pictures of those spears you've been building? Below is a Josswest with flat backed points as you drescribe. Notice the tip of the point is round. No knifing. His older sharp pointed cues were splices. I've never heard of any reputable cuemaker taking a knife to the tip of the...
  16. matta

    A Few Questions About Cue Construction---Need Answers. Check that out. That is a half splice, the most common way to make a sharp pointed cue.
  17. matta

    A Few Questions About Cue Construction---Need Answers.

    Not to bash you but, I don't believe any top cuemaker takes a literal knife to their points. The points are just razor sharp. AKA Knife Points. They use something like this to cut the points...
  18. matta

    A Few Questions About Cue Construction---Need Answers.

    1. They are referring to a spliced forearm. Splices are created by cutting 4 90 deg V-grooves in the forearm. You then fill the grooves with wedges of your material. 2. A re-cut is where you take a basic 4 point blank without veneers and re-cut inside those points that are already there. In...
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    where to play near Lincolnton NC

    Been damn good down here in ole Mississippi. I've got the golf bug these days. Lawn billiards has me bad. Haha. How you been gunz?
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    Strickland Hall of Fame petition,sign here

    [deleted] should have read replies first.