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  1. Runner

    Hard Times Bellflower

    It don’t look good update OP here.. the Hard Times canopies have been pulled down, the story is they want to lease the space and ‘renovate’, with HT relocating.. you know how that goes.
  2. Runner

    You Know You're Isolated Away From Pool Too Long When...

    When all my cue cases have dust on them.. when I'm in better shape cause I'm doing more fitness instead of hanging in the pool room.. when my back arm won't pendulum... I'd go back in a second to hit some.. I think 'normal' will be when everyone and I mean everyone has a vaccine inoculation...
  3. Runner

    Live interview with Jimmy Mataya / Wed. May 13th @ 11AM / PST

    "Lets be honest.. for the cash, nobody beat me!" "The fact that I, Pretty Boy Floyd, never lost for the cash..." "Trophies, schmophies.. I bet 'em for the cash..." "Let's be honest, I mean c'mon.. THE CASH,"
  4. Runner

    What does Merry Widow mean in a cue ?

    Used r to be one piece butt.. my take now is the cue can have a butt cap, some type of wrap, various joint types, but no points or veneers or work on the forearm. $.02 from the SoCal disaster zone
  5. Runner

    Hard Times Bellflower

    Hah!.. Efren's in there playing Filler full rack rotation!.. if only! Latest word is to check back on the 15th.. stay tuned.
  6. Runner

    Hard Times Bellflower

    It don’t look good... I went by yesterday.. windows are all blacked out, no notices on the doors, called them and it rang 10 times and then disconnected. Looks like Covid-19 might have been the final nail. Anybody with any info?.. Oscar?
  7. Runner

    I Got The Covid-19 Blues

    On lockdown here in Cali.. this crap is serious, AND it's messing with my game! Be safe, brothers.
  8. Runner

    Scam or Honest Mistake?

    Kinda like the guy on eBay selling custom made cues using pictures of other makers cues.. "oh, that's a nice pic, I'll use that for my site!" Scam, say I .
  9. Runner

    Help picking a cue

    Scruggs cues consistently hit great.. my daily player is a plain four pointer.. Tascarella is right up there with a great hit., very desirable and $$$ Diveney cues are high on my list..I'd really like a wrapless Titlist like Efren's Tad cues.. enough said! Buying any of these used, you'd...
  10. Runner

    Please read this thread.

    Thoughts and prayers, brother..
  11. Runner

    Forum name.

    Runner I like to run to keep the weight down, one of my favorite movies is Blade Runner, and I run eight and out!.... well... sometimes..:cool:
  12. Runner

    what are your dream pool/billiards matchups?

    Number 1 Mine has always been Ronnie Allen vs. Efren Reyes, both of them in their prime, long race One Pocket.
  13. Runner

    Jackpot Cues

    Ohhhh, snap... I felt Dean groaning from here.
  14. Runner

    Bored of the same old pool games?

    Rotation 8 ball.. rack as usual, break as usual, Solids have to run out 1 through 7, Stripes 9 through 15 in rotation.. puts position play into the mix, and safeties. A little better on a 9'.
  15. Runner

    Hello from New Member

    Welcome to the AZB, Ticklish !
  16. Runner

    Please return the Tascarella

    Still waiting for the “tadaa!” moment.. when we find out about the Tasc.. Deano, I’d seriously go through every 2x4, 3x5 case you have.. ALL of your cue storage, boxes, etc. Process Of Elimination.. you never know!
  17. Runner

    one pocket adjustment

    Then I’d say 9-6... if B hasn’t won with 7 I’d try that.
  18. Runner


    Here's some pics from one of his ads..
  19. Runner

    Please return the Tascarella

    Dean, I thought you had narrowed it down to a few people.. if you had everyone send you pics (privately), I would have thought the Tasc would have turned up.. hope this story ends well, good luck, Deano.
  20. Runner


    I started a thread about this guy.. he uses pictures of actual high end cues to sell his knockoffs.. grabs pics off other sites.. not cool.