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  1. crazycueman

    New 1/2 and 2/4 GTF Cases - Last Remaining Stock As Of 7/1/21

    Do you still have any of the red dot cue ball 2x4? If so, what is your bottom line price? Look forward to hearing back. Thank you!
  2. crazycueman

    wtb or trade for a jwhager case

    Hagar Case I have a brand new 1x2 never used if still interested? Let me know... Crazycueman
  3. crazycueman

    RC3 Ivory & Abalone into Ebony 10 Pointer

    WOW what a cue! That is an amazing looking cue...Good Luck!
  4. crazycueman

    LTF: Cue Maker in Connecticut

    Cue maker? Paul Drexler is the man! PFD Studios cues are great playing cues and he is a master of designing custom themed cues. You can't go wrong with him! Good Luck!!!
  5. crazycueman

    Unique & Fancy PFD priced for quick sale

    PFD Cue What is the condition and age of the cue and do you have any flexibility at all on the cue for purchase, not trade? It is definitely a great example of Paul's artistry in making great playing cues! I will look forward to your reply. Thank you, Crazycueman
  6. crazycueman

    looking for religious themed cues

    Thanks pooln8r... Thanks for your compliments. I am glad you like my cue...I sure do! If you are ever in Players Billiards in Eatontown where I play you may get a chance to check it out in person!
  7. crazycueman

    New pfd Studios cue coming

    Enjoy your PFD Cue! I hope you enjoy your PFD Studios Cue as much as I enjoy mine!
  8. crazycueman

    looking for religious themed cues

    Religious Theme Cues Thank you for all the nice compliments on my cue-I SURE DO LOVE IT! Would like to see more pics of other cues too....
  9. crazycueman

    Selling My Fanelli

    Fanelli Cue Sent PM... Looks beautiful! I will look forward to hearing back from you soon. Crazycueman
  10. crazycueman

    looking for religious themed cues

    Religious-themed cue I have one made by PFD Studious with a Judaic Theme-Star of David Check out my avatar-Star of Davids in all the rings silver and turquoise, in middle of handle, and under each point. Made of woods found in Israel- Olivewood and Jarrah with Ebony. It is my playing cue and a...
  11. crazycueman

    Very nice butterfly cue!

    Nice Looking Cue... I am very interested in getting the specs and also cue maker info. Are you selling both cues as a matching set? Let me know...
  12. crazycueman

    PFD Studios

    Pfd cues are amazing!!! Love my PFD Studios Cue! Paul's work speaks for itself and the playability of his cues matches his artistry. He works hard to make his clients happy even when demanding and new to buying a custom cue. I hope he continues to be healthy and makes more works of art that...
  13. crazycueman

    @@@@@ Hoppe Cues F/S @@@@

    Nice guy to do business with... See you relocated from South Jersey...Good luck with your sales and move!
  14. crazycueman

    Three new butterfly blanks

    Butterfly cue How much for the bottom one and please provide wood types, other material and specs? Thank you
  15. crazycueman

    FS: Paul Fanelli rosewood on rosewood all ivory

    Fanelli Fan That cue is truly a spectacular display of the "Butterfly" full splice. Very reminiscent of the Brunswick 360 with variation. I love that he incorporated ivory on this cue. WOW!!! Do you take lay-a-way??? Crazycueman
  16. crazycueman

    @@@@@f/s Ivory and Snakewood Phillippi f/s Mint!!!!@@@@@@

    Nice looking cue Good luck with the sale!
  17. crazycueman

    Only one choice

    Cue Info I love my PFD Studios by Paul Drexler out of Connecticut. Total Custom Cue and I love the way it hits. This is and wil always be my playing cue!
  18. crazycueman

    New York City's Newest Poolroom - Society Billiards - Coming this Spring!

    Good Luck and Much Success!!! Congratulations! I wish you nothing but much success and good luck!
  19. crazycueman

    case for Mr.Paul Drexler in progress

    Incredible Work Great job and incredible workmanship are truly an Artist!!! I am sure Paul will love the case when completed! I ditto Anthony remarks about you picking up a lot of orders, based on this work. Continued success!
  20. crazycueman

    Longoni contact

    Longoni USA Look up PC Billiards or trafficcontrolcaroms on the internet.