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  1. JWM

    2019 World 10 Ball - Contest - Enter Now

    get me in there with Alex Pagulayan
  2. JWM

    How Good Could Country Calvin Play???

    Is Calvin still in Texarkana, what is the name of his place?
  3. JWM

    Pool on TV - a fantasy

    Pool needs to be on television!!!!!!! It needs to be seen by all people,like it or dislike. In the 1980's, it was on and i believe it really helped the game!!! Look what tv did for poker!!!!!
  4. JWM

    Unknown "monster" players

    Keith Thompson was just about 16,the first time I saw him play. Two years later, won All Around Johnson City, 1970.
  5. JWM

    How Good Could Country Calvin Play???

    I have seen him play very well!! Has anyone else seen him in high gear?
  6. JWM

    Big action in Texas!

    Last night, The Pick Pocket played the Dutchman, some $200, $400, and $600 sets. The Pick Pocket was getting the 7 Out!! Dutchman picked up $600. Very close sets!!! Sky Pilot, no action!!!
  7. JWM

    Big action in Texas!

    Race to 9, 10 Ball, $300, Sky-Pilot 9 to 8, Played Even!!!!!!
  8. JWM

    Is J. Ber?gman #1 Young Player Now

    My mistake, that was Monday night!!!
  9. JWM

    Is J. Ber?gman #1 Young Player Now

    Justin is on a great roll!!!! If I am not mistaken, he has only lost one set (race to 21), since he played in the tournament. That was last night!! Justin, lets go to Vegas and play some black jack, my treat. You are very good at 21!!!!!! John Wesley
  10. JWM

    Realkingcobra is in town!

    How can I get in touch with Glen?? John Wesley
  11. JWM

    Realkingcobra is in town!

    I need to get in touch with this man! John Wesley
  12. JWM

    April 18-20 Smokin Aces $32000 Bar Box Open!!

    I would pay $25 for the updates in the chat!!!! Ray, have tried and tried to sign up for event pass. I hit blue event pass, and nothing happens??? HELP________________John Wesley
  13. JWM

    who did Earl beat in his gambling days?

    Great Read!!! John Wesley
  14. JWM

    who did Earl beat in his gambling days?

    It could have been around the mid 70's. Ask Earl he will remember it. Big Spring, Texas. I didn't take any of Smokey's bet, Lucky for me.
  15. JWM

    who did Earl beat in his gambling days?

    One late evening in the early 70s I was at a local bar in Big Spring, TX called the Greenhouse. There was always a lot of action there. Smokey Bartlett had come thru and was playing some 9 Ball with everyone. Everything seemed to be going good and in comes this kid with very long hair with a...
  16. JWM

    who did Earl beat in his gambling days?

    I luv it!!!! John Wesley
  17. JWM

    How special Efren is

    Two of the Greatest, believe me
  18. JWM

    My All Rime Favorite Room

    I played in a room much like this, in Ciudad Acuna, back in the 60's. Great money games. Room was located in boys town. John Wesley ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Plan My life As If I Will Live Forever, I Live My Life As If Each Day May Be...
  19. JWM

    Skyler Woodward / Keith Thompson

    Skyler Woodward is a very good player. Keith Thompson (Squirrel) was a very good player at 15 years old. He was a great player at 17 years old. Keith played the big table, bar box, and snooker, you name it he could play it! He had unbelievable talent, however, I believe at about 22, he quit...
  20. JWM

    HOTSEAT: Tommy Kennedy v. Shane Van Boening -- 8-8 at the time of this writing

    Thank you!! "I plan my life as if I am going to live forever, I live my life, like each day may be my last" John Wesley