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  1. 9ball101

    Why not Pinegar?

    Matchroom drug tests. Just saying.
  2. 9ball101

    New 4 bridged points Cohen cue!

    I own a Cohen And it is my main player. Hell I bought it from you sureman. I absolutely love it. I will definitely have Eddie build me one someday but for now I’m very happy with the one I bought from Don.
  3. 9ball101

    What does pumping the cue over and over up in the air before their shot do for the pros?

    It’s to get the feel of the shot in your mind before getting down on the shot. I do it every shot too.
  4. 9ball101

    Cohen cue.

    Yes sir. I’ve seen all the ones that are currently listed on pretty much every website. Looking for something else. Appreciate the reply.
  5. 9ball101

    Cohen cue.

    Anyone have a Cohen cue for sale. I’ve seen what is listed currently. Looking for something else. If you got one pm me please
  6. 9ball101

    Beating a top 100 player in the world???

    Hey jaden. I’ve been Corey deuel in a local pool tournament. It was only a race to three. I’ve also beat morro paez in a race to 5 local tournament. Not long races and I got pretty lucky. To answer your question I would thing about 5-10 have beaten a too 100 player in competition in this forum
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    Pete Tascarella

    Tasc Man. I am tempted to give up one of my southwests for this. That cue is beautiful.
  8. 9ball101

    Eddie Cohen cue for sale

    Cohen cue Who has this cue now.
  9. 9ball101

    South west style cues $110.00

    Where are you shipping them from. I'm in Texas. How much are the shipping fees
  10. 9ball101

    WTB: Judd JT-4

    I had a Judd JT-4 that I bought when I first started getting into pool seriously. It was stolen a while back from an airport. Anyways, I am looking to buy another one and unfortunately Mr. Fuller is no longer with us, so I can't call him and ask him to build me another one. Anyways, If you do...
  11. 9ball101

    cue repair?

    hey everyone. I just moved to east texas, canton to be exact, and imm looking for someone local to install some tips for me. anyone know anybody around here
  12. 9ball101

    How many pool players here are OTR Truckers.

    Thanks Thanks guys. I've played many times at hard times bellflower. I do appreciate the warning though. I've been there for the Swanee and I grew up playing in San Diego. I'll definitely go to rooms that can accommodate my truck. I'm in Colorado right now but I'll be going on the road and will...
  13. 9ball101

    How many pool players here are OTR Truckers.

    So. I just took a job as an over the road trucker. Federal regs now in play make sure we get plenty of time off. So I'll be traveling the US now and figure it would be a good time going to different pool rooms. Anybody else on here an OTR TRUCKER. If so, what's your experience with playing pool...
  14. 9ball101

    Ingram Cue

    Wanting Hey guys. I sold this cue a long time ago. I forgot who I sold it to but was wandering if someone here on az still has this cue and if they are willing to sell it back to me.
  15. 9ball101

    20th Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball, Feb 20-21, La Mesa, CA!

    No A players auction in California. Call the Feds. Hahaha. No. Californians would shit themselves if there was a players auction
  16. 9ball101

    Albin Ouchan right-handed left-eye dominant cueing.

    Niels fiejen Niels cues under his right eye because he is blind in his left eye
  17. 9ball101

    My thoughts on how Shane can improve.

    Shane's need for improvement. I really hope this thread is a joke. Really. Who are you. Shane's life coach? Some people's children these days.
  18. 9ball101

    ★ world 9 ball championship ★ qatar★

    Ko luck Wow, Ko is getting so lucky with the rolls and a fluked 9 ball. Shane is doing everything he can to stay in there. Then stream goes down. Tied 6-6.
  19. 9ball101

    Lepro tip that I had installed hits really soft and does not look good.

    Lepro Just like cornerman said. That tip is junk. Half of them in the box usually are. Gotta look at them and see and feel for the good tips. Rip that off and have your cue mechanic put on another one.