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  1. Big Money Mike

    favorite pool sayings

    Here are a few I have heard over the years. Thats a good shot! If you don't like money! When you need the cueball to roll further. Run like you stole somthing When you miss a shot you thought was dead. It wasn't dead it was just playing possem After you play bad position. It must be perfect...
  2. Big Money Mike

    The GSBT $1500 added amateur June 26-27, 2010 at Murfreesboro Billiards Club in TN

    Should be a great tournament and plenty of actions on the other tables. Two Diamond 9ft and one bar box as well as three 8ft goldcrowns. Action playing all games.
  3. Big Money Mike

    What did you think of AZB's U.S.Open coverage?

    I thought it was the best live stream coverage to date along with the real time scoring it was the best live coverage of any tournament I have seen. The TV table was very nice I enjoyed this tournament very much.
  4. Big Money Mike

    old pool players

    Scott Kitto, a name or perason I will never forgett. I was playing in the TN state nine ball tournament in Chattanooga, TN at the Chattanooga Billiard Club downtown. I had just turned 18 and was playing in my first big tournament and drew Scott in the first round it was a great battle I was...
  5. Big Money Mike

    I cheated to win my match

    Good reply Woody,
  6. Big Money Mike

    Top five 9Ball Players of all time?

    Thanks gpeezy, I sure wished I could have seen Lassiter and Worst play. It would have been great to watch from what I've heard. The players that seem to make everyones list is Earl (extreamly high gear) and Buddy (perfect position play). Earl has a chance (small of course) to win the US Open...
  7. Big Money Mike

    Top five 9Ball Players of all time?

    I agree that it is aged biased because I never got to see Luther and Louie play. I also have never really seen Efren play nine ball I always watched his one pocket game. The title to the thread should have been what is your top five picks for the best 9ball players ever.
  8. Big Money Mike

    Best US player: Archer or SVB?

    I agree, I wish they would make it best 4 out of 7 races to 15. It would make the matches more interesting and would make every shot count. In a race to 100 players take to many chances and miss several easy shots, but if you shorten the races? About three years ago I was at the US Open and...
  9. Big Money Mike

    Top five 9Ball Players of all time?

    Who are your picks for the top five 9ball players of all time, mine are: 1. Earl Strickland-Run Out Machine 2. Mike Sigel-Awsome Firepower 3. Johnny Archer-Never Beats Himself 4. Buddy Hall-Perfect Position Play 5. Nick Varner-Also Never Beats Himself
  10. Big Money Mike

    US Open 9 Ball No one has won twice

    If Earl wins this year he will have won twice in tree differnt decades.
  11. Big Money Mike

    My take on Pool and The World Classic

    Hello AZers!!!!! This is my first post so it may be a little long and sorry if I misspell any words. My name is Mike Laney I am from Alabama now residing in Tennessee (ironic isn’t it) I have been playing pool about 30 years my favorite game is One Pocket. I wanted to give some of my input on...