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  1. icem3n

    12 mm new cue for pool
  2. icem3n

    12 mm new cue for pool

    For a draw shot (6 o'clock), I would agree. Other than that I would disagree.
  3. icem3n

    12 mm new cue for pool

    I think you missed the Z~shaft from Predator.
  4. icem3n

    12 mm new cue for pool

    More slippery more higher deflection on bigger shaft.
  5. icem3n

    12 mm new cue for pool

    Not forgetting how slippery like glass a 3 cushion table is.
  6. icem3n

    12 mm new cue for pool

    Smaller diameter tip equates to lower front end mass.
  7. icem3n

    12 mm new cue for pool

    I do own snooker cues and it is not the right equipment to play 9 ball nor even 8 ball. How many Pros do you see playing pool successfully with snooker cue? Smaller diameter cue like a snooker cue deflect like a 314 shaft. Slight off centre cueing will cause you to miss a shot. Bridge length...
  8. icem3n

    (Latest POLL) Best hitting CUSTOM Cue you ever played

    1.Joey Bautista. 2. Southwest (Macassar ebony / Pauferro). 3. Mcdermott blem shaft on a fullsplice butt.
  9. icem3n

    12 mm new cue for pool

    Stick with 13mm unless you got a long bridge like Alex Pagulayan. 13mm or more allows you to have more consistant centre hit on the cueball. Thicker and denser shaft allows you to have better control on the white. If you want a lower deflection on a conventional shaft go with 11~12mm. But...
  10. icem3n

    Scientific comparison of break cues

    Swap out the shaft with Revo. It will give you milli-second extra roll.
  11. icem3n

    longer cue

    Measuring the balance point from the tip of the cue towards the butt will be more accurate. Just my two cents.
  12. icem3n

    Ball Fractions Using Your Hands

    Excellent idea
  13. icem3n

    Best/favorite ferrule material

    Don't know which micarta but love the micarta that you put on the conversion that you did for me. :thumbup:
  14. icem3n


    What wood is on this cue? What is the spec and price? Thanķ you.
  15. icem3n

    Micarta Twins

    Any in black micarta?
  16. icem3n

    <J> Joey Bautista Full Micarta Plain Jane <J>

    If it is still available pls let me know. Tks.
  17. icem3n

    Curly Fish Eyes

    Love the koa. Nice as always.
  18. icem3n

    SVB Cue ~~ World Cup of Pool 2014

    There is also no steel butt cap on the cue that he is currently playing with.
  19. icem3n

    SVB Cue ~~ World Cup of Pool 2014

    Just saw USA vs Croatia match. In rack 4, Shane took off the butt sleeve from his playing cue to jump a shot. His cue also seems longer. Is Shane using a new cue? Or is his cue modified at the butt sleeve? Thanks.
  20. icem3n

    Fake 314-2 Shafts

    Refund I once bought a South West cue from Chady. Due to a slight mistake on the spec, he had his staff refunded me even when he was abroad. I have done many transactions with him and all have been flawless.