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  1. DunnM1

    BHQ missing

    i know for a fact, he has retired! See him on Facebook from time to time. Great guy!
  2. DunnM1

    Sold 🌵Rare Franklin Satin South West w/Cactus Logo🌵

    I have one of those 12!
  3. DunnM1

    Rauenzahn Balabushka Tribute

    Yes, sold really quick.
  4. DunnM1

    I dont get all the questioning fargo ratings lately

    Not a fan of FargoRate at all. I think the APA does the handicap better. And I believe the APA does not allow it’s league operators to play in higher tournaments. You can not allow those individuals that determine starter ratings to also play. I also believe FargoRate would be a lot better...
  5. DunnM1

    Fargo Rate Question

    FargoRate This is one of the reasons why my team dropped from BCAPL. If I was really what FargoRate said I was I would be stealing in the OPEN division at VNEA National in Vegas, instead of just getting into the money each year. FargoRate has to many problems to believe!
  6. DunnM1

    Cataract Surgery

    Had it done around a year ago. Best decision I have made regarding my vision.
  7. DunnM1

    FargRate Question

    FargoRate I played in a league, and the league decided to give my scores to a third party FargoRate, without out my permission. Then they pulled my results for the past years and provided them to a third party. I don’t play in any league or tournament that posts they are sending results to...
  8. DunnM1

    FargRate Question

    FargoRate The last time looked I was a 652. APA 7 in eight ball, and APA 9 in nine ball. And I will not play in a tournament that uses FargoRate. And I understand how it works, I make a living using data.
  9. DunnM1

    FargRate Question

    How do you get your information removed from FargoRate, including removing my information from their app? Sent email to their I have not given anyone my permission (except the APA), to track my games. And the APA tracks my innings, break and runs, eight on the break and...
  10. DunnM1

    2019 Mosconi Cup -- 3 USA spots set

    2019 Mosconi Cup I think the team that won it last year, should be able to defend. No changes, keep it the way it was last year.
  11. DunnM1

    Post your fargorate;

    Fargo Rating Last time I checked, I was around 653.
  12. DunnM1

    Buying a Cue, I need specific advice - Please help

    Bhq Test hit only. Plays good. $980 and I will cover shipping.
  13. DunnM1

    be cu carbon fifer shafts

    There is another player in this, as Jacoby will be coming out with their cf shaft early next year (2019 - February or April).
  14. DunnM1

    12.4mm REVO Radial..Unchalked

    Revo I got it. Thanks.
  15. DunnM1

    BHQ For Sale

    Bhq Still available!
  16. DunnM1

    BHQ For Sale

    Asking $1,200. Willing to listen to offers!
  17. DunnM1

    Looking for a 7 foot Diamond Pro-Am or Smart Table

    Contact The League Room owner Chris Wilson in WV, I believe he is selling one. Tell him I sent you.
  18. DunnM1

    ----->>>>>12.4 mm Revo Radial<<<<<-----

    I will take it.
  19. DunnM1

    mystery cue $650

    Dean is a great person. And you will not be disappointed in what ever he sends you!
  20. DunnM1


    Where can you hit with one in the United States? What is the cost for just a blank becue shaft?