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  1. Fastrs

    Custom Anniversary LED Pool Table Light! One of a KIND!

    Back when I built it LED were just coming out. So I went with H4 bulbs.
  2. Fastrs

    Custom Anniversary LED Pool Table Light! One of a KIND!

    I built this one about 9 years ago.
  3. Fastrs

    Humble Pie at the Mosconi Cup

    Did you see Filler crying ?
  4. Fastrs

    Thinking of going to the Mosconi Cup? Questions!

    Yes it’s worth it. Yes, you can drink .... even adult beverages. Pretty much any seat you can see the table well ( if the people in front of you stay seated ) We go every time it’s been in Vegas.
  5. Fastrs

    Anyone Here Have a Room Addition to Your Home for a Pool Table?

    I built a 500 square foot room just for my “game” room. Large enough for my 9’ table. Slider door, two large windows and had to have a electrical plug in ceiling for light. A/C and central heat.
  6. Fastrs

    APA still give jackets?

    Last year they did not give jackets
  7. Fastrs

    Best tip on a Revo shaft to date...

    I have had a Kamui black soft. It was okay but now I have a G2 and I much prefer it
  8. Fastrs

    Anybody use a Revo without a glove?

    I use a glove with a Revo shaft but mostly out of habit.
  9. Fastrs

    I finally found a carbon fiber shaft

    It’s the Indian not the Cowboy .... or something like that
  10. Fastrs

    Can we talk nerves?

    You may laugh but there is a company , Moose Shoes and they make shoes specifically for playing billiards. Although I don’t think that would help with nerves. Personally I use a breathing technic to help calm my nerves. I also make sure my surgar levels are correct. I’ve found that if my...
  11. Fastrs

    Let’s see your Revo shafted cues!

    Revo shaft converted to 3/8-10
  12. Fastrs

    Cleaning a JB Rugged Case Interior

    Asked John for a cue sleeve.
  13. Fastrs

    Anniversay restore

    Thank you , it was a fun project.
  14. Fastrs

    Anniversay restore

    Thank you, the light was a fun project to make.
  15. Fastrs

    Anniversay restore

    Lol I like practicing with these Casino balls
  16. Fastrs

    Anniversay restore

    [/ATTACH] Beautiful table. Really like Rosewood
  17. Fastrs

    Restored Brunswick Anniversary

    Those are Aramith Casino balls.
  18. Fastrs

    Restored Brunswick Anniversary

    Thank you, I built the light to match the table.
  19. Fastrs

    Restored Brunswick Anniversary

    It turned out beautiful. I'm sure you'll love the way it plays too.