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  1. SJDinPHX

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    I am not against hunting for food or survival!..There is NO 'sport' in trophy hunting! :( PS..Most of them are wounded and left to die! (see buffalo and big cats.. :angry:
  2. SJDinPHX

    I recently improved my game

    "That isn't the way you're supposed to do it!"....Thats just one of many reasons why you never made it past a 'C' player!...:o PS..You are no CJ Wiley! :sorry:
  3. SJDinPHX

    One Pocket is so slow....

    One Pocket is only slow for those who cannot absorb the unique subtleties of the game..Like maybe mountain gorillas, or 9ball players!..The average homing pigeon will catch on pretty quick! :p :p :p
  4. SJDinPHX

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    There is a huge difference between hunting for food or survival, and 'trophy' hunting. The senseless slaughter of the buffalo comes to mind!.. You call that "Sport"?..Millions were left to die wounded! They could have been raised just like cattle, to serve our need for food!.. It seems man...
  5. SJDinPHX

    Should I Dump My GCIV?

  6. SJDinPHX

    Should I Dump My GCIV?

  7. SJDinPHX

    Should I Dump My GCIV?

    You already own one of the best, most popular tables ever made! Stop making excuses for your poor play..Some of the best pool in history, has been played on a GC1V!..(see Efren, Alex, and many others)..Get a good mechanic to tweak it where its needed, and stop blaming the table for your...
  8. SJDinPHX

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    This is a pool site..Isn't there some place on the internet where its considered great to kill healthy living animals for hanging on walls? That is the cruelest sport any man can ever venture into IMO!..I wonder how many men would get caught up in that stupid "sport" if the poor defenseless...
  9. SJDinPHX

    Why is snooker profitable?

    You are overlooking the fact, that as with any sport, the best players will always perservere..There are probably 20 snooker players making a good living (100K plus) playing the game!..Whereas in pool we have what, maybe one?..I don't see that ever changing, do you?
  10. SJDinPHX

    Currently, who are the top 5 cueists in the world?

    There will always be your Ronnie O's, Efren Reyes, Alex Pagulayan's, etc. ..They will consistently rise to the top in any field..However, worldwide, there are probably a hundred players, who are within an eighth of a ball of those guys. On a given day, any one of them could get their mixture...
  11. SJDinPHX

    What's hurt pool since I've been working in and around it for the last 34yrs.

    Very wise of you to have chosen pool as your lifes endeavor..Maybe you should have been a cowboy, then you could have bitc*ed about how stupid cows are!..Face it, you were just born to complain..Its what you do best!
  12. SJDinPHX

    Raising Funds for RKC. Contribute Now!!

    We never got along well, but please let him know I certainly wish him the best..Be glad to contribute what I can.
  13. SJDinPHX

    Difference In A $100 Cue And A $10,000 Cue

    I gave you credit for being a little better at math!...The difference is obviously the same as the guitar--$9,900..:sorry: PS..What the Hell does a 'player' have to do with it!..:confused::confused::confused:..Unless of course its your hero.(CJ) :cool:
  14. SJDinPHX

    Freezer's Ice House Tour

    Looking good Scott, but like Jay says, don't drop your guard on underage drinking..Given your location, that could be a real problem!..Pour a good drink, and keep the food quality up there.and you cant miss!...Serious and funsy players will come in droves! Best of Luck Dick
  15. SJDinPHX

    One of the VERY few...

    Unproductive, maybe..but factual, for sure! :cool:
  16. SJDinPHX

    One of the VERY few...

    I'm sorry sir..It must be tough being one of very few billiard die hards on this forum, trying to breath life into a long dead game! ...I never said it wasn't still played in certain places, I'm just saying pocket billiards (in any form) is far and away more popular!..Does that make me a fool...
  17. SJDinPHX

    One of the VERY few...

    Surely you realize the 'world', (meaning Europe, Asia, the US, etc.) is almost entirely geared for nothing but pocket billiard games these days, be it snooker or 8, 9, 10 ball!..Any other billiard game is in a distant 2nd place!..South America is the only place barely clinging to billiards, in...
  18. SJDinPHX

    One of the VERY few...

    Like I said, give me one good reason why he would bother? :embarrassed2::embarrassed2::embarrassed2: PS..Some players heads are only shaped for learning extinct boring games. Thats why most big matches now are one pocket :rolleyes:
  19. SJDinPHX

    One of the VERY few...

    God help us if anybody ever takes up 3cushion again...Let it RIP! :rolleyes: PS..Ronnie is way too smart to bother learning a game thats been dead for 60 yrs.! :embarrassed2:
  20. SJDinPHX

    Billy Incardona is Hall of Fame worthy

    Of course Billy is overdue, as are many others. The BCA has become a joke, when it comes to recognizing anything!.. They only represent the billiard industry leaders, and they even do a lousy job of that! Until there is a workable entity, that effectively represents both amateur and pro players...