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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    September Caption This Photo

    This is me listening to you shut up
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    Jayson Shaw's 714 becomes 669?

    Just curious, but what is the difference between cleaned and polished. Every commercial ball cleaner cleans and polishes at the same time.
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    Black Marks On New Blue Simonis Cloth

    If there are circles then it's from the bottom of ball racks getting dirty and being placed on the cloth
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    Delta-13 rack inserts

    Always wanted to fill the sides of mine with clear epoxy on mine, but never got around to trying.
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    Did you ever sell your BK Rush Jump/Break cue?

    Did you ever sell your BK Rush Jump/Break cue?
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    Calling Dr. Dave! SVB "Foul" @ UK Open

    Read post #51
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    Calling Dr. Dave! SVB "Foul" @ UK Open

    Bob, I was referring to Matchroom's response to Darren Appleton's mistake prior to his drug testing. Will they be consistent?
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    Calling Dr. Dave! SVB "Foul" @ UK Open

    The question that arises in my mind is whether Matchroom will acknowledge their error in any way. They should at least have the referee write an apology to SVB and make him sit out the next couple Matchroom events.
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    Wtb- Tor Lowrys pkf and pattern puzzles

    If you've already got it digitally, just take it to Kinko's or any printer and ask them to make you a ringbound book
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    Wtb- Tor Lowrys pkf and pattern puzzles
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    ^^^^ I've had the opportunity to work with Lilith on a movie here in Montana year's ago and talk about a sweetheart of a lady and a gifted actress . Rusty put on your glasses. Lilith was played by Bebe Neuwirth who was not in Josh and S.A.M.
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    Looking for an Olney

    I've got an Olney one of one with SW style butt if you're still looking
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    Southwest Cue

    8.5 Hours left 8 and a half hours left in the auction. Someone will get a really nice Southwest cue.
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    Southwest Cue A friend of mine recently died of cancer and asked me to help his ex-wife sell the cue so his daughter can put a down payment toward a car. It's a beautiful with gaboon ebony points and pau...
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    Remove Sharpie From a Shaft
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    Mezz Or Pechauer

    Mezz Cue Yes they do make a standard hard maple shaft. They list for $235.00 while the wx700 lists for $265.00 so you could save $30.00 with the switch. I've got a used hard maple Mezz shaft I'd part with for $150 shipped and insured if that helps.
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    Mezz Or Pechauer

    Mezz Cue Personally, I'd go with the Mezz, but be aware the shaft that comes with it is low deflection.
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    Mezz 8 inch extension

    You want one with the thinner screw and an additional bumper with a hole through it.