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    no, and I'll tell you Y
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    Mcues(Mario Carasa) custom cues available.

    not sure if im allowed to do this, but i owned one of his jump cues, theres zero production jump cue that can compete. it was criminally easy to jump with, felt like cheating. highly recommended.
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    What does pumping the cue over and over up in the air before their shot do for the pros?

    What's the point of you pumping that 4 inch killer? To make yourself feel bigger. Couldn't help it.
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    Looking to sell or trade *need help with pictures*

    Yeah, went I did what the video said, it's telling me my pics are too big still
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    Looking to sell or trade
  6. trinacria

    Looking to sell or trade *need help with pictures*

    I have a a few cues I'd like to sell or preferably trade. But I can't upload pictures neither on phone or laptop. Can someone help a brother out please? Here's a link to ebay to view pics...
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    Pool note book

    I had created this for myself back in the day to keep track of missed shots and drills, before cell phones were good enough to watch videos on while you played or practiced at the pool hall. Just found these, forgot I had them, there's 14. They worked a treat, fantastic little practice tool...
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    My first cue and case

    lets guess how many people are gonna offer him to buy it for real cheap. im guessinggggggg 8 people.
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    i have an unknown insert shaft, possible to change?

    I've got a break cue with that joint screw, it doesn't fit. So 99 percent its pechauer.
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    i have an unknown insert shaft, possible to change?

    i have a Z2 with an unknown thread, it looks quick release, possibly pechauer, is it possible to change it to uniloc? and can someone do it for me? or how can i find out what insert is it and ill get a cue that fits it?
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    long shot, looking for a Fury sneaky pete with green veneers

    it had a radial pin. they didnt make them for long. if anyone has one collecting dust, id be real intersted.
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    Looking for a beater jp. Don't care for condition as long as its straight. Looking to make a beater out of it with an old z2 of mine. Looking to spend 150 and under. Will not pay retail.
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    dufferin cue with uni loc

    does anyone know when dufferin made cues with a brass uni loc. just found one thats been sitting in a closet for about ten years, didnt know i had it, i think i got it on a trade. anyway, put a shaft on it and it hits unusually well. was it madfe in china or before it was sold to the chinese? i...
  14. trinacria

    Boot lot I'm looking for a predator Z shaft of any generation if anyone is interested in a trade. It's a long shot, but it's worth a shot. If I'm not allowed to offer a...
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    Cue set
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    cue maker question

    agreed to have a cue made, they told me a couple of weeks ( simple sneaky style) been two months, whats the deal? what do I do. at this point I don't want the cue any more