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  1. noMoreSchon

    Hogue goes undefeated to claim 2022 Sandcastle Open in Edison, NJ

    Good job Spanky! Proud of you!
  2. noMoreSchon

    Is this a valley coin op?

    Well, the price is $350. I am going to pass, nice piece though. Having a 9 footer, and a 6 footer isn't in my future.
  3. noMoreSchon

    Is this a valley coin op?

    I was trying to identify it, most pictures that I have found, have the typical round feet on the table, did this have it also? And is just missing? Just curious. It is a cool find.
  4. noMoreSchon

    Is this a valley coin op?

    Just ran across this very unique table, I know that many tables have been branded by other companies in the past, but is this a legit Valley? For the price, I might take a swing at it...
  5. noMoreSchon

    Handling a defensive player

    Splitting games is not winning. Control the table. That is how you defeat, not only this guy, but anymore in the future. Do not let him shoot. That means not taking that low percentage shot, not trying to shoot the object ball two rails, and playing safe when it is a better shot. If your...
  6. noMoreSchon

    Handling a defensive player

    Your not upset about him playing safe. You are upset that you can't beat him. You are blaming it on his superior defense, when you should blame it on not running the rack, or your defense. The only way he can play defense is you have given him the table. He doesn't give you the table. That is...
  7. noMoreSchon

    Best Moves for a Hustler To Use

    I like flipping coins... Have been called a nit, by a nit. Was told I had no gamble. Took out a quarter and a c-note, and said call it. He wouldn't do it. Locking a game isn't gambling, he plays better than I do, and moves at 1 pkt swell...but I have gamble, just not throwing away money in...
  8. noMoreSchon

    Best Moves for a Hustler To Use

    Oh, you would be surprised at how much is still out there. Hell last week I was at the bar, some guy walks up to me, asks me "do you like playing pool?"...Yes. I do. "Would you like to play for some money?" Yes, yes I would. "How about $50 a game?"..Sure, we can do $50 a game. "Ok, let me...
  9. noMoreSchon

    Felt Billiards Colorado

    Shakesperes had carom tables back in the day...I remember Colfax Billiards too...and Table Steaks...24 hours of fun time. been a long time that I have been in Denver. Have to check out Felt next time I swing by.
  10. noMoreSchon

    What’s the Best Way ?

    Here it is. Everyone has an opinion on how to shoot this shot. Now here is how to aim at it....Use the edge of the cue ball and aim at the edge of the OB...Very tough cut shots are so simplified by doing this. Takes the dog right out of them....
  11. noMoreSchon

    Joe Newell and the history of Brunswick

  12. noMoreSchon

    Seyberts lowering price cue

    This is one of the nittiest things I have seen for awhile.
  13. noMoreSchon

    One Pocket is so slow....

    One pocket players are so slow, that it takes over a decade to realize this is a joke thread...
  14. noMoreSchon

    Anyone else struggle getting used to 12.4 revo?

    I am a fan of my Schon, I took another one in on trade which came with a Katana shaft. Hung up my OB-1 and been playing with the Katana for about 9 months now. It was a 31 inch OB, me being over 6 foot I thought hey, I can do that...but am not a fan anymore of having a unequal ratio of shaft to...
  15. noMoreSchon

    Anyone else struggle getting used to 12.4 revo?

    I remember when predator first showed up with their revolutionary new shaft. Took some time ( 20 years...) and I got one. Couldn't hit those same shots the OP is having trouble with. Long thin cuts I would just whiff...right on by. The thing is, I can still play with a regular maple shaft, and I...
  16. noMoreSchon

    Comment by 'noMoreSchon' in media '20210801_133830.jpg'

    Just came across this...went down to the table...didn't miss a kick yet. Pretty strong.
  17. noMoreSchon

    How good were you when you first picked up a cue?

    As a pool pup, I thought I was great. But was not. Took on most shots, and got out quite a bit. A veteran shortshop I was playing one day, gave me some wisdom that crushed me. 'When I was your age I shot way better than I do now'...I couldn't believe it. Here I am a guppy in a sharks world, and...
  18. noMoreSchon

    Unable to See Center Ball

    Wouldn't an easier way to say this, would be find the closest part of the cue ball to the object you are aiming, and that would be the center? Because that is what I was taught. The center of the ball, is always least amount of distance from the aim point.
  19. noMoreSchon

    Diamond pool table cover I just recently bought this one for my Gold Crown...the fit is awesome. And for $35, you really cant beat it.
  20. noMoreSchon

    Learning the pattern play

    I was taught that the same, but the reason was not shape, but balls on the rail only have two pockets to be made in.