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    3/8-10 pins

    Tom Migliore made 3/8-10 pins SS with 308 minor 8$ each plus shipping have 20
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    lathe bed

    looking for a 2 foot or so Piece of lathe bed (hightower style) ?
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    Happy Birthday JC

    J c Happy "B" Day John
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    need help from the Pro's

    Need advice from the Pro’s and snakewood Pro’s I’m in final stage of building this cue , has cored ebony forearm with snakewood v points I’m considering a snakewood Butt now instead of ebony with inlayed snakewood Had 4 snakewood 4-4 ½” pieces taken small passes for 3 years now 2cracked 2 good...
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    steadiest with chuck

    don't want to buy new yet thought I would try here used first ? looking for a steadiest with chuck for hightower lathe or dual chuck Headstock
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    truing a 6 wing cutter

    6 wing cutter Really appreciate the advice and help from all of you !!!
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    truing a 6 wing cutter

    anyone know how to true up a 6 wing cutter ? or where to send them to be trued so all 6 wings are cutting ? thanks
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    *** F/S Used and New Aramith Measle Cue Balls

    I'll take (1) 2 weeks of use. Very good condition: $25 shipped to the CONUS
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    *NEW* Simonis Cloth For Sale

    ? I've sent 3 emails and no responce
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    *NEW* Simonis Cloth For Sale

    how does the english green compare to simonis green darker or lighter ? Im looking for 8' dark green ?
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    Need Engraving plates

    Looking for a few engraving plates for a Hightower
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    Inlay patterns

    looking for some inlay pattern plates for a hightower machine, small stars, diamonds ??
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    taper shaper and 4 sale

    taper shaper in great condition for pickup only san diego area jet 14" band saw carter guides, 6 " Riser added rocker platform,new blades, on wheels looking for best offers 1 or both back in town thursday
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    Project Tomahawk ferrule material.

    try ferrule I'd like to try 1 ft of white ferrule material
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    Project Tomahawk ferrule material.

    I'll take a foot thanks
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    For Sale: PCD Tipped Boring Bar (customized mini)

    did you ship my order ? thanks
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    tag cnc 4 sale

    Thanks everyone ....its Sold
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    tag cnc 4 sale

    send me your email
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    tag cnc 4 sale

    didn't get it send me your email address....
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    tag cnc 4 sale

    Fully functional cnc mill for parts and pockets. Included in this offering is the mill, a four axis xylotex driver box, a dell computer with monitor-keyboard-mouse. The computer has step and direction setup as well as full configuration setup. This also has a fully licensed version of mach 3...