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  1. MOJOE

    The 2021 International Open PPV

    I can only see the feature table today yet I paid for the full package. No chat available either. Any ideas?
  2. MOJOE

    Don't buy International Open 9 ball

    By day three it has been good for me. First day was terrible, day two tolerable and now no issues at all.
  3. MOJOE

    Don't buy International Open 9 ball

    I feel you here. I know a little myself as an IT Director. My bandwidth is more than sufficient. Paying for the premium package appears to be a big mistake on my part. I don’t recall having issues like this in the past. Unfortunate.
  4. MOJOE

    Don't buy International Open 9 ball

    Impossible to argue with you here Tom. I’m so frustrated.
  5. MOJOE

    The 2021 International Open PPV

    The problems are ongoing since the first match. Currently, I cannot even log back on. Absolutely frustrating for a 99 dollar package.
  6. MOJOE

    Question: Why do People Pay to Sign up to get Slaughtered?

    Because it's fun and you may just get to play a champion and win a few games. More power to them! I'd do it if I had the chance when I was still able to play.
  7. MOJOE

    Pay for the Mosconi Cup stream

    Don't feel bad. I bought it and it's been down for almost all of the 3rd match. I'm so flipping frustrated. It was so much better when it was on ESPN3.
  8. MOJOE

    Mosconi Cup 2019 Day 1 (25 Nov) and Lineup

    Go to and sign up. No more free trials so the best you can do is pay for a month at $19.99 then cancel. It's a shame that we cannot watch this for free like years in the past.
  9. MOJOE

    Josh Roberts v Roberto Gomez 1 hole race to 24

    Who won between JJ and Saez?
  10. MOJOE

    A momentous day on AZB history.

    Looks to me like the OP is just jealous and has far too much time on his/her hands as well. Stop hatin' and mind your own damn business. YMMV
  11. MOJOE

    Starting treatment on Monday

    I'm cancer free 9 years in July. This has given me a renewal on life. I wish you the same! The attitude was everything for me.
  12. MOJOE

    Eating Crow: FargoRate and Siming Chen

    I say it does not matter what anyone believes, whether she can or cannot win a big tournament with the best men playing in it too. What matters is what she believes. Time will tell but I completely believe it's within her limits to win a major. The only proof will be in her results.
  13. MOJOE

    Spot shot madness by 12 year old Russian kid

    I got no dog in this fight either but I do see someone backing down once they are called out. Good ole Pete is full of excuses it seems. No surprise Scott, just another troll under the bridge. I would have liked seeing you take him down.
  14. MOJOE

    The unestablished fargo player

    You show 'em, boss! ;)
  15. MOJOE

    WPBA Masters Tournament $70,000 purse! (Feb. 27-March 3, 2019)

    Are there any qualifications to playing in the WPBA events? I see at least one player that is well established and ranked well below 500 Fargorate. Assuming the answer is no??
  16. MOJOE

    George Breedlove Carl Bolm Roadman Dumped and Stole and It Will Be Addressed

    Are you talking about this Carl Bolm?? If this is not to be discussed on this forum, why start a thread "discussion"?
  17. MOJOE

    I want your opinion

    I'd personally never buy a cue without pictures. YMMV
  18. MOJOE

    Derby City Straight Pool Challenge 2019

    Scores so far,
  19. MOJOE

    Post your fargorate;

    633 with just 300 game robustness. I always give it my best, win or lose. YMMV.
  20. MOJOE

    Real Prize money. Chinese Pool

    1st place paid around $147,000 USD. Not a bad payday. The best would be hard pressed to make that in an entire year playing pool. Perhaps one day but probably not any time soon.