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  1. Drew

    Dennis O vs Bergman

    Haven't heard anything, but if Justin's in action it'll get posted to The Player's Club on facebook
  2. Drew

    Playing Good Players

    +1 :thumbup:
  3. Drew

    Playing Good Players

    "Hey! Do you want to play a few games?" ...usually works for me Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of guys out there who won't play unless they're making money...but you won't learn anything from those type of people, so don't worry about it. And yes, if you're playing guys who are levels...
  4. Drew

    Playing Good Players

    Oh don't have to surrender your money to get better. There are plenty of ways to do it. You can practice drills or watch youtube videos and try to copy runouts. You can learn different games and practice those. You can join a competitive league. You can play better players for...
  5. Drew

    Who's the best in Dallas?

    Shortstop LOL
  6. Drew

    Where is best pool room in Maryland area?

    Nice! Glad to see that place is still open. Love that room. Nothing but 1-hole.
  7. Drew

    Denver pool scene is awesome

    Are you playing this weekend?
  8. Drew

    Break Speed

    Nobody said it was easy!! The question was how to break harder. This is a pretty standard technique for power breaking. Back in the days when Shane was really crushing the rack, he did the same thing. I just think she's the best (most consistent) with it. Check out how high Busty gets.
  9. Drew

    Break Speed

    Xiaoting Pan is the best breaker in the world. Copy her technique and learn to control it.
  10. Drew

    When did pros stop playing all-ball fouls 1-pocket???

    ...since about the time people figured out that they can take a foul and shift the balls into a better position.
  11. Drew

    The Kid Part 4

    I don't get it... Just because 13 is a memorable number? That's hardly proof. Any number can be important to different 21 is important for blackjack and 10 is important to anyone with fingers and toes.
  12. Drew

    I wonder why some Schon cues have sharp inlays, and others rounded inlays.

    I wonder if anybody realizes that "I wonder" statements are not actually questions.
  13. Drew

    Denver, CO

    Yeah right...that guy never leaves his basement. Green Room is the place in Fredericksburg. Lots of places around the DC area. There's a Revolution in Springfield with some decent players. Watch out for league night, though. You'll never get a table.
  14. Drew

    kikel cues

    They're out there. I had one. But Kikels are pretty rare in general, so it might take a little time for you to find one. You could always try ordering one from him. He's still making cues, but he's old and full of grump these days (at least the last time I saw him). Dave learned from Bill...
  15. Drew

    Why pool is different !!!

    It would help if pool were a sanctioned high school activity. But the real reason pool is different? Barriers to entry. I can't think of another game which requires a piece of furniture costing hundreds or thousands of dollars in order to practice. /THREAD
  16. Drew

    Why pool is different !!!

    Kids aren't interested in a game they can't play until they're 21...just saying
  17. Drew

    how many US players have the ability / skill to go pro but can't because of work?

    A hundred thousand at least. More difficult games would need to be created to handle the new talent. There are close to 7 billion people in the world. I'd guess about half of them played competitive soccer before they could read. A billion people in North and South least 30% have...
  18. Drew

    in DC today and tomorrow

    If you don't have transportation, you're hosed. But if you can drive, any of these places are a good bet. Fast Eddies/Revolution in Springfield Indoor smoking, action during the daytime (I think there's a special until like 5pm, so it fills up) First Break in Sterling Diamonds, but hit or miss...
  19. Drew

    Places to play near Pueblo, Colorado

    I'll try you out if you want to drive half an hour north.
  20. Drew

    Yet Another Opinion On The Hustlers Debut...

    Just watched both episodes. My thoughts: -The List is a great idea. It allows the viewer to pick their favorite horse and root for someone. Who cares if it's not real...everybody already knows that; just like the ridiculous profits made on Storage Wars. This is TV and you need to nurture the...