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  1. cyberrot

    Paul Dayton-A Giant (please read)

    sad to read about Mr Dayton...ordered a cue from him before...he was a nice guy to talk to regarding cues...he was a polite man and showed great pride in his work. RIP, Mr Paul Dayton.
  2. cyberrot

    My First Veneered Full Spliced Blank

    looking good, Kelly! Maybe it is time to get in line again for another cue from you :D
  3. cyberrot

    Sad To Report Passing of Dennis Dieckman (Deekmon) Today

    RIP. hope he will have fun in Heaven
  4. cyberrot

    Cases: Whitten vs. JB

    Dear Tableroll, I have some questions for your statement. 1. Have you seen a JB Case interior before? 2. Do you have any evidence for the wearing down of the finish of the butts due to the "tight" fit tubes? Please kindly provide some if possible. Thank you very much. I put my custom cues...
  5. cyberrot

    Eric Crisp

    yes, please contact me using the email in my signature. Thanks.
  6. cyberrot

    Eric Crisp

    I hate to hijack other people's thread but it has been a long long while since I got an update from you, QB. please contact me too. I have emailed you many times and have yet to receive a reply from you. Thank you very much.
  7. cyberrot

    Contact info for Scott Gracio??????

    his email: last contact from him was in December 2015. I paid him in full for a cue in 2012 and I have yet to receive anything from him till now. hope you are not in a screwed up situation like me. good luck.
  8. cyberrot

    Koa and Curly Maple Segmented Handle

    Always nice to see your new works, Kelly :D Keep up the good work! This page might give you some guide for the pricing for MVP cues.
  9. cyberrot

    This might look ok.

    Looks much better than ok :grin:
  10. cyberrot

    Custom Jump Cue

    Jacoby gets my vote as well.
  11. cyberrot

    Paua/abalone inlays

    I do have a cue with abalone inlays from Kelly Peterson(MVP Cues) Detailed pictures can be found at this thread:
  12. cyberrot

    Share pics of Pink Ivory Cues please.

    Here is my Bluegrass cue with some pink ivory used in the cue: Pink Ivory forearm with ebony points and ebony butt sleeve.
  13. cyberrot

    Show your JoeyInCali cue photos please

    Another one to share Purpleheart Joey with black leather wrap
  14. cyberrot

    Show your JoeyInCali cue photos please

    let me join in the fun :D here is a Zylr Tribute Cue built by Joey. :)
  15. cyberrot

    Jay Flowers Tribute ID

    this case was made by JB Cases.
  16. cyberrot

    Figured zebrawood and highly figured curly maple

    This has to be the best piece of zebrawood that I have seen. great work by Kelly again. I am so glad that I will be able to see this cue in person soon. :D
  17. cyberrot

    Brother cues from Zen Custom Cues

    It has been a while since I shared something with the folks here in AZB forums. Here are a pair of Zen custom cues which I have received recently. Both cues were built in the same batch with the same type of wood as in the forearm wood and butt sleeve wood. Personally I am very impressed with...
  18. cyberrot

    JB case purple interior

    I have a purple 1x2 JB case with purple interior. I have attached the picture for your viewing. Pardon me for the picture quality though.
  19. cyberrot

    Kenneth Murrell Cue & RARE Josswest Cue For Sale

    Anyone interested? :)