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    Who is Mike Nomina. I just picked up a cue made by him. Any information about this maker would be great.
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    ***Varney rosewood/BEM***

    Any trade possibilities?
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    Special Mike Gulyassy Cue

    Still available looking to sell now.
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    Traditionalist Mike Stacey with Hoppe Ring

    Beautiful traditional cue with Gabon Ebony sharp pionts and butt section. Nice black, orange, green and orange veneers. Nice classic looking pressed white with green specks linen wrap. Black linen phenolic joint and butt rings. Easy match-up to aftermarket shafts. 3/8-11 Southwest style brass...
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    Show your Sneaky Petes, no matter how plain they are.

    my Mike Nemec Sneaky Hand rubbed finish that plays a ton
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    new Harris cue #6

    color of money They need to refilm the movie The Color of Money and feature this cue. What beautiful work and classic design.
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    alex pagulayan pool cue

    What is his cue he is playing in the US open?
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    Ariel Carmeli Titlist tribute with classic Hoppe Ring

    Very nice Carmeli made from a John Davis Curly Maple into Purple Heart Blank with vibrant Titlist veneers. Classic Hoppe ring. 3/8-10 wood to wood joint. Simple black joint for easy match up with aftermarket shafts. Very solid hit. Price is $ 1100 CONUS. Would consider trade for a nice Rick...
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    Ebony, Ivory, Malachite and Lizard

    great hit and balance!
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    Ebony, Ivory, Malachite and Lizard

    Monster Arnot cue for sale or trade for AR-15 rife of equal value. Sale price is $1,200. Would consider cue trades plus cash. Comes with 2 laminated T3 shafts.
  11. back2dbeach

    best used player for $200

    Looking for a nice player cue to keep in the truck. Prefer 3/8-10 joint but any wood to wood will do. Don't mind a few marks in the butt but want a true smooth shaft.Please message me what you have along with pictures and details. Thank you. Thanks for all the offers. I made a selection.
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    TNT Plain Jane Cheap

    What thread is the joint?
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    Special Mike Gulyassy Cue

    Looking for trade offers. Looking for something different to try. Please send all trade offers. Willing to trade up or down with money. I am posting this for a close friend who had the cue made custom by Mike. Comes with 4 shafts. 2 with ivory Ferrels, 1 made from a Z2 Predator blank and 1...
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    let's see some distinctive ringwork.

    JIVE you are spot on what I was looking for.
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    let's see some distinctive ringwork.

    TW just stunning works of art.
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    let's see some distinctive ringwork.

    You know the kind. You know the maker just by the ringwork. I will start with Darrin Hill.
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    Darrin Hill Custom Merry Widow - SOLD

    You're too late. It's gone to a new home.
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    Darrin Hill Custom Merry Widow - SOLD

    Darrin Hill Custom Merry Widow Beautiful cocobolo and birdseye maple wrapless cue made in 2013. Has Darrin's signature ringwork above and below the wrap area. Nice simple black joint that works well with aftermarket shafts. Excellent condition. Always draws comments of " nice cue" in the pool...
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    Hills Cues Back in Action

    like New Darrin Hill cue Nice Cocobolo and Birdseye merry window cue. Made in 2013. Price 600 delivered CONS through PayPal.
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    FS: HOWARD EBONY CUE - No Longer Available

    How long is the cue.