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    Ok. I haven't been active for a while so need to start up my PayPal again. I'll get back to...

    Ok. I haven't been active for a while so need to start up my PayPal again. I'll get back to you. I have an engage 11.8 mm shaft from them on a 5/16-14 butt and like it but want to sell the cue and get a full cue from Becue. Thanks.
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    On a long shot are you anywhere near me? I live in between Atlantic City and Philadelphia.

    On a long shot are you anywhere near me? I live in between Atlantic City and Philadelphia.
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    Sold John Bender Cue

    Thanks again to MmmmSharp for kindly posting pics.
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    Sold John Bender Cue

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    Sold John Bender Cue

    Cue made 10/26/18. I supplied 30 plus year old Black Walnut. "Hustler" with black linen double pressed. Came with 2 shafts originally that had Moose Antler Ferrules (first he'd done). Both cut from a shed antler from Alaska. Joint is 5/16-14 Piloted Stainless Steel. Length 58" (29/29)...
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    ~~~>alex brick j/b<~~~

    Just a question: I have a 60" George Lowery (Baltimore Md pool cue maker) Custom Merry Widow with low deflection ferrule-less shaft, Precision Medium tip (they play great), very nice tumbled kangaroo leather wrap, modified 3/8-10 pin. I traded for it last year and never used it. Has very...
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    WTT Custom George Lowery Cue

    sent you a PM
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    John Bender Cue

    bump to the top and thanks again Mike
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    John Bender Cue

    Thanks Mike. Thought this cue was sold but buyer seems to have backed out. Looking for a reasonable offer. Please PM me. Happy Holidays to all.
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    John Bender Cue

    This is really funny. Richard Black is from Houston, Texas and is a personal friend of John Bender from Kinnelon, N.J. They are both dear friends. Please check YOUR facts before embarrassing yourself. John worked a booth for years with Mr. Black...... Butl, I digress
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    John Bender Cue

    Just realized I only listed one shaft spec in original post, Virtually unchanged from 2017 when shafts were listed as 13.4 mm and one shaft 4 oz, the other 4.7 oz. Since installing the great Searing precision tips I only played with the 4.7 oz shaft. The lighter shaft tip has seen no chalk...
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    Predator SP4LWR w/ 3 shafts

    bump again trying to add a pic at the bottom. this cue is in perfect condition and the shafts also. the two new tips alone are $40 for the new predator victory tip on the Z3 and $45 for the Dennis Searing medium precision tip on the SS360P. Hard to understand low ball offers and/or lack of...
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    Craig Peterson Wrapless 6 Point

    Amazing cue from a true master. Really a shame when the great ones leave us at early ages like Burton Spain and Craig. More a shame is living in a time when they're not appreciated. Props to you, sir.
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    Predator SP4LWR w/ 3 shafts

    This is the low position wrap sneaky. Purchased from original owner in August after he won a high end cue in Vegas. I thought I'd be able to go back to LD, but no luck. Shaft #1 is a Z3 with a brand new unchalked victory tip and is 30" long Shaft #2 is a SS360P from Bob Danielson with a new...
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    Brand New BK3 FS/FT

    I have a perfect Andy Gilbert j/b it has a white diamond tip and is purple heart.
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    Pool Personalities

    Re: Junior Harris, I used to practice with his wife Cheryl at Q-Stix in Newark, Delaware. Took lessons from Junior back then. I'd heard he'd moved to Texas, is that true? Cheryl was on ladies tour back then (20+ years ago) are they still together? Both real nice people. I believe Junior...
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    Cue repair at SBE

    Joe Blackburn/Steve Lomax no question
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    25 year old It's George black leather case 1x2

    Great condition. Send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you pics. Looking for $200 OBO.
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    The Greatest Greatest

    If this is during an era, how about two names forever together? Both the only ones in history to have 50 rebounds in a game, one had 30 points and 20 rebounds each game all through his career and averaged more than 40 and 50 points in a season........also the only 100 point game in history...
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    this is a perfect point/counterpoint to the fans? who questioned why John Morra stepped aside. AND, why someone like Landon Shuffett chose school and reality over trivial things. BUT, continue to lionize the alcoholics/ substance abusers with their amazing SKILL. lol As our fearless leader...