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  1. tattoo

    Odd bumper question.

    I want too say thank you for shipping me a free bumper. Great gesture and if I need anything done to my cues will be hitting you up.
  2. tattoo

    Odd bumper question.

    Wow thank you sir. Pm sent.
  3. tattoo

    Odd bumper question.

    Looking for this bumper. Rubber threads with very unusual basket weave pattern. Came on a roger Allen cue that I recently got back. Any help or advice. Thanks.
  4. tattoo

    Milk Dud Tips

    Best tips on the market.
  5. tattoo

    Guess Who's Making this one?

    Bob Owens?
  6. tattoo

    ~•~ Thoughts on ID ~•~

    Jim buss is my guess.
  7. tattoo

    October 31st - “Day Of The Dead” - by Joel Hercek

    My god Troy. This is like a mullet. Party out back business In the front. LOVE IT.
  8. tattoo

    Question to how to upload pic

    What up tommy. Been breaking any heads lately? Good to see you still posting
  9. tattoo

    Kenny Koo & Joey Bautista cues

    Koo cue 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  10. tattoo

    Opinions on Cue Wrap

    Black ee....
  11. tattoo

    Steve Klein cue ?

    Looks like a lot of cues. Possibly a lee peppers
  12. tattoo

    Kenny Koo & Joey Bautista cues

    My buddy bought the koo off of Craigslist and somehow it never ended up in his hands. Out the cash and the cue. Pretty simple.
  13. tattoo

    _____FS: 2004 fancy Tascarella cue/ Ron Thomas case package_____

    That is beautiful. Should sale pretty easy at that price
  14. tattoo

    Some of the new stuff I'm working on..

    Lol. Tattoo people think alike.
  15. tattoo

    Dean your cue is done.

    Beautiful Larry.
  16. tattoo

    Kenny Koo & Joey Bautista cues

    I remember the Craigslist shenanigans with this cue
  17. tattoo

    Bomber cue case

  18. tattoo

    Finally built some 4 point forearms

    Very nice. Cgs on spinning some.
  19. tattoo

    All original early mid 60's Balabushka

    You misunderstood. He needs address and zip code. 😳