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    SVB vs Frost Barbox with 5" Pockets

    hiiiiii......SVB First of all, Im very frustrated that I have to hear all of this posts. the most of all is The Pattern Racking, All of you think that im pattern racking is not the truth of this whole situation. The Only reason why I put the ball in certain order or Pattern Racking is because...
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    Good News from SVB.. SVB ENGAGED

    Hey guys.. Last week I proposed to my girlfriend and She said yes..... later:wink:
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    SVB wins Rum Runners Tournament in Vegas

    thanks thanks to everyone for all of your support. Eric, you have 2 months to try and beat my score. Ill be back in may...... shane:cool:
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    SVB in Milwaukee NYE...suggestions?

    Ill be at lennys or Romines about 6 pm. hopefully its a good place to be at for new years eve.. If anyone wants to play, Ill be there. SVB:)
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    SVB in Milwaukee NYE...suggestions?

    Ill be at lennys or Romines about 6 pm. hopefully its a good place to be at for new years eve.. If anyone wants to play, Ill be there. SVB
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    Questions about Shane Van Boening

    I had a apple crisp( my fav.) I have a Chevy Avalanche 2008 I have 10 cousins My favorite color is blue Cant remember which baby tooth I been through mississippi I like McCain
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    Thank you..

    I want to thank all the people for your support. You all play a big part for my success. I want to thank Barry Behrman and the staff at the U.S. Open for their great support. Also want to thank the BCA pool leauge for sponsor. I am looking forward to play in Manilla, against The legend Earl in...
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    Thank you in Des moines

    I just want to say thank you to Mike Athens and Mark Oleslager the owner of big dog billiards for setting up the event for me and jesse B. The set up was really nice for all the people to watch and everyone looks like they had a great time at the event...Me and jesse had a good time and it was...
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    Thank you Cory............

    I want to thank Cory for coming to south dakota for playing a good challenge match.. I also want to thank Billiards Congress of America (Mark Griffin) for bringing Billy Incardona, and grady mathews in SD for the comentary. Also want to thank The Diamond company (greg sullivan) for bringing a...
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    Shanes Interview

    Svb Hey..... Right now I might be playing real good and and there are many other tournaments coming ahead... after the last three tournaments I felt like they could be a little "afraid" but believed it or not all those pros are not afraid of anyone. I would never say johny, corey, earl, john...
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    Thank You....south dakota kid

    It has been a good two weeks and I want thank everyone for their support on azbilliards...In vegas it was a real great time playing against Dennis Orcullo... Playing him is my best experience I can have. Hes plays really well in vegas and either I win or loose Hes the best player I had played so...
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    Dennis Vs. Shane

    Dennis O. did play very well this weekend and im happy as walking away with 2nd place in a tough field... last week was probably the best experience ive ever had and will play in the same tournament in the future as well. I considered dennis is one of the strongest player out there and I got...
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    Shane Van Boening?

    Hey belmicah, I was only trying to have a good time in reno and I did remember that shot... it was hilarious....anyway, yesterday I played ronnie and he only missed one shot, the tables are kinda tricky and im not comfortable of the way it plays... but hopefully ill get used to it.....this is a...
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    Who's going?

    Ill for sure to be there....;)
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    Another new young player...

    I would be happy to meet and see how he plays.... It might be a good road partner... "double shane".... lol.... talk to ya later....:cool:
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    Another new young player...

    watch out for another shane, another shane luck in the future kid...;) :cool:
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    New player on the scene

    where does he play at ? Im looking for action if he wants to play.....:cool:
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    Reno Open???

    Is their going to be a Reno Open in reno next month.... I dont see a flyer for that tournament....
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    question for Shane VB

    hey mike - I still got my kickel but I switched to my cue that I been using since I was a kid.... It plays better...
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    question for Shane VB

    Right now Im using a regular joss cue shaft from back wen I was 9 years old... danny janes?? he sent to me for nothing when I was about 9 and I been using the same cue for 14 years.....He knew that Ill play like a champion... In my opinion, I think using the same cue that you been using for...