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    League won't let you change cues to jump? No problem!

    In APA if you decide not to shoot a shot for any reason, it would be ball in hand to the incoming player.
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    Sold FS Predator Air Jump Cue

    I sent you a PM.
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    APA 8-Ball Rules Question

    I was at the NTC's last year as a referee and we where told that you are allowed to switch to your break cue to perform a jump shoot as long as the cue did not have a phenolic tip; it must be a leather tip.
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    Buy Power One Pocket and Get a 2nd DVD FREE!

    Just ordered and added the Scott Frost v Efren Reyes as a request. Thanks.
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    Qualified for Triple masters in Vegas

    Congrats. My team qualified as well, but I have decided to go out as a referee this year, so I gave my spot on the team to another shooter from the team we beat in the finals. Good luck...
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    FREE Trial Offer - Slug-Doctor Tight Rack System

    Would love to try one out to see how it works. Been trying to get my place to get one of these for their tables.
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    My first APA 8-ball night - lesson learned

    Actually at last years NTC event, we were told that you could switch to your break stick as long as it did not have a phenolic tip. YMMV..
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    Harry Richards Jump/Break COME LOOK!!!

    Never. We've had to continue on the back quite a few times. :D
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    Racking Secrets II Now Ready

    Just received DVD in mail.
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    Racking Secrets II Now Ready

    Just ordered.
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    Harry Richards Jump/Break COME LOOK!!!

    Actually I am shooting against Harry's APA team tonight. :p Hopefully one of the days, I can get one of these.
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    Slug-Doctor Tight Rack - March FREE Giveaway (Includes 8-Ball Attachment)

    Ok, count me in for this one.
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    Free DVD Giveaways of Power One Pocket and Frost vs Joyner!

    Sweet. Maybe i can get lucky..
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    Slug-Doctor Tight Rack - FREE Giveaway (ending 1/07/11)

    One more post. :smile:
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    Slug-Doctor Tight Rack - FREE Giveaway (ending 1/07/11)

    Count me in. Missed out the last time.
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    Slug-Doctor Tight Rack - 2 FREE Giveaways

    Count me in as well.
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    Help please, contacting Harry Richards

    Sent you a PM.
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    Trying to contact stinger...

    You are probably looking for Jerico Cues.
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    APA 8 ball rack rule

    Mike Page has a good video on this here. Good video explanation of a double hit foul versus if two balls that are frozen together. If the balls are frozen and called frozen, it is legal to stroke through the cue ball without there being a double hit.
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    APA City Playoffs

    We had our LTC's two weeks ago. I was fortunate enought to have two teams qualified and althought neither team ended up winning both teams did well; one team made it to the semi finals and the second team made it to the quarters. I realized after the first team lost that I had made some...