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  1. Rodney

    Cue Building Cost to Start?

    IMO, if you cant make money getting a lathe and doing tips and ferrules to start and get a customer base then why spend the $$ to build cues right away?
  2. Rodney

    Fargo Question. Rating going up without playing.

    I think I’m down 4 points since I’ve had a game entered…
  3. Rodney

    Fargo Question. Rating going up without playing.

    Mine always seems to move a couple of points either way. If I’m correct, you have under 300 games in the system and that could be one of a few reasons.
  4. Rodney

    What's better : Three Jaw or Four Jaw chucks for a CueMan Deluxe Lathe

    Is it a scroll chuck or independent?
  5. Rodney

    What's better : Three Jaw or Four Jaw chucks for a CueMan Deluxe Lathe

    While I have 2 of them, I don’t know anyone that sells a 4 jaw independent Chuck for a cuesmith.
  6. Rodney

    Rhino carbon fiber

    I expect if the playing shafts are poorly constructed as well then I’ll find out eventually.
  7. Rodney

    Rhino carbon fiber

    Could you please explain what poorly constructed means, could be different for everybody.
  8. Rodney

    Segen Shaft

    In my experience, people want the 4oz. Weight because to them that was the benchmark set years ago. I had a lot more typed up but I’ll just stick with that…
  9. Rodney

    Bell Forest Robbed at Expo. Donations Needed

    I’m just curious how you know they made a killing? You know how much they paid for product, travel expenses, how much the booth was, how much the employees got paid? I assume that obviously you must just know it all.
  10. Rodney

    cue porn, sorry, not sorry

    I don’t think that’s a trait of the wood, more likely the tip and ferrule. Bocote is hard and heavy…
  11. Rodney

    Predator table review, 2024 Expo

    I don’t remember the year , but I’d say at least 17 years ago I tried a Diamond 7 footer at the expo. It was definitely a pinball machine! I’ve played on a bunch of 9’s since then and the rails were a little more lively than GC’s but they played well.
  12. Rodney

    Wavy vs ball thread

  13. Rodney

    Joint rings

    I believe at least 1 of those 4 will make custom billets for you…
  14. Rodney

    Cue auction for Ukraine🇺🇦**

    I got mine
  15. Rodney


    I liked mine, hit fairly hard and didn’t hold chalk. I was practicing a hard spin shot and it broke. Chipped off the edge and cracked all the way down the ferrule.
  16. Rodney

    Another Farorate thread

    3 people, 3 houses in a row on my street the combined Fargo rating is over 1900😳.
  17. Rodney

    Kamui Tips

    I’m not real picky about tips but I’d rather have just about anything on there besides a black Kamui!
  18. Rodney

    Are Fargo Ratings inflating?

    Mine decreased by 20 something points because I hadn’t play in a year or two, played in a couple tournaments and didn’t play very well. Even with the drop if I played another tournament I’m probably still overrated because I really don’t play anymore. Playing consistently makes a huge difference!
  19. Rodney

    Anyone Use A Rhino Carbon Fiber Shaft?

    If they’re willing to take it back just return it. You’re obviously not happy with it. Shit happens, move on…
  20. Rodney

    My Rhino experience

    Imo, that’s a 12.2mm shaft.