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    full splice blanks for sale

    Are these the same blanks that Schmelke sells?
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    Shop Cleaning....few more things

    Cueman, I sent you a PM
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    Sneak peak

    This is one of my cues, Tony Sauer.
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    Sneak peak

    Just a little sneak peak
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    How Will It Hit?

    Good luck getting it down to 19oz.
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    tag cnc 4 sale

    Cnc machine I sent a pm
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    My cooooopy hoppe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Monstermash, trust me, I am not even close to the reason this forum isn't as popular as it once was. The cliques that form in this forum are far worse than any I ever dealt with in high school. Leon makes amazing cues but where do you draw the line when you throw cue design theft around? Are...
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    My cooooopy hoppe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just waiting for everyone to yell at you for design theft. Lmao
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    Brazilian Rosewood for sale

    3- 1.5 x 20" pieces of Brazilian Rosewood and one tapered forearm. The middle piece and the one on the right of it are sold. $120 a piece and $60 for the forearm. If you want all of them I'll let it go for $400.
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    Any tips on using super glue for finishing?

    I found I got "fog" when using cheaper CA with the accelerator. Stick Fast products are for finishes, the accelerator never "fogs" on me and the ninth is always glossy.
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    Any tips on using super glue for finishing?

    I've been using CA for 6 years. I use Stick fast long cure CA with Stick Fast aerosol accelerator. I spread 5-6 coats l, applying it by placing the tip of the bottle on the top of the spinning cue and a folded paper towel touching the underside of the cue. Spread evenly from top to bottom...
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    Shop liquidation - blanks, shafts, cues, squares

    Is the whole package gone or just the shafts? I'll take the rest if available. PM me please
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    Inlay Patterns

    I have a Hightower inlay machine. How do I make my own, I don't have his book. I did along time ago but lost it in a move.
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    Jaisen Cue Case

    What would you value this case at JB?
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    Jaisen Cue Case

    No info? Anyone know about these cases?
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    Jaisen Cue Case

    Pictures Here are some pics.
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    Jaisen Cue Case

    Just won a Jaisen 2×4 case. Anyone have any info on them?
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    Tony Sauer Custom

    For your viewing pleasure. This cue is being raffled on my Facebook page if you're interested. Tony Sauer
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    Cue ID please

    Most definitely a Bushka, I had the pleasure of hitting a couple balls with it. Sweet as can be.