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  1. Shannon.spronk

    Archers Not So Comeback and Commentary

    Now what if they had someone else to pay their rent and they had collected the money to pay you, but instead of paying you they decided to pocket that money?
  2. Shannon.spronk

    3D printed pool cue

    I just went through this entire thread. Cue broke exactly where I expected it to. I also figured the sound would be dead. I think lowering the infill would improve the sound and feel. If you stick with this I look forward to your progress.
  3. Shannon.spronk

    Which major tournament would you choose if you could only attend one per year?

    A good friend of mine and I are planning to attend one big event each year starting next year. We are planning on going to Buffalos for the 1P.
  4. Shannon.spronk

    How do these diamond tables play so badly? vid

    To be fair he was asked by another member to join this conversation. Yeah it may have gone off the "rails" after that , but his opinion was requested.
  5. Shannon.spronk

    Cool table build

    Jimmy's skills are incredible. I really enjoy when he does a project he is really passionate about because it shows with his execution. His success has been great for him and the entire maker community.
  6. Shannon.spronk

    Lifting heavy weights and shooting good pool do not go together

    Still going heavy at 66 is pretty "strong". I have lifted for years and as I have aged I have moved really into high reps with less weight. I only do arms on days that I also play pool competitively, so a couple times a week. I am fine on the day that I lift but doing the high reps makes it...
  7. Shannon.spronk

    OB cues shut down?

    Boomers get blamed because for the most part they raised the millennials.
  8. Shannon.spronk

    Jump Cues.....what's the best out there right now.

    I am a fairly decent jumper and have used many different ones from Air Rush, Propel, Hanshew, Air Hog, Air 2, and many more. I didn't find much difference in the higher end ones until I tried the Dunkel which is what I use now. It jumps good long and short and I won't be using anything else...
  9. Shannon.spronk

    APA inks deal with Diamond tables

    I played on them recently at a 10 ball tournament here in South Dakota. I felt like they played pretty well but did take some adjusting. Banks and kicks were a little interesting but played well.
  10. Shannon.spronk

    Taom Chalk

    Probably a time traveler.
  11. Shannon.spronk

    Fargorate handicapped-with alt breaks.

    I think AtLarge probably has numbers comparing alternate and winner breaks.
  12. Shannon.spronk

    Fargorate handicapped-with alt breaks.

    It seems to me that if it is always full then they are doing it the right way.
  13. Shannon.spronk

    Ignore Bait: Highest IQ, Many Questions, Odds makers invited...

    This might be one of my favorite threads because of how wrong some people are and they dont have a clue about it. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything here. I will just explain how I see it. I choose a door. I know that at least one of the doors I didnt choose is a goat. Now lets...
  14. Shannon.spronk

    Ignore Bait: Highest IQ, Many Questions, Odds makers invited...

    This is pretty much how I explain it. People that think it is 50/50 ignore the fact that the host knows exactly where the door is to begin with.
  15. Shannon.spronk

    Gambling As Better Player

    It would be my thing and was my thing for a very long time. I should have also stated this has been going on for years. Probably 6 years at this point. My guess is that it is approaching around 10k. I was just looking for some more opinions. Something to me didn't feel right about it, but...
  16. Shannon.spronk

    Gambling As Better Player

    This guy will not take any advice that is unsolicited. He does ask for some help from time to time or why I played a shot a certain way and I really enjoy helping him with those things. The guy has his life together, great job, wife, kids, house. He doesnt struggle for money at all. I also...
  17. Shannon.spronk

    Gambling As Better Player

    This has been done more than a few times.
  18. Shannon.spronk

    Gambling As Better Player

    I have a teammate that I gamble with very regularly and I would venture to guess that I have won over 95% of the matches we have played. We usually play for 50-100 and I almost always let him pick the game and the race. He refuses any type of spot from me no matter what I offer. He drinks a...
  19. Shannon.spronk

    3D printed score markers

    I started printing things like chalk holders and quarter holders and then some things for my kids and my printer basically runs 24/7 now. It is alot of fun to tinker.
  20. Shannon.spronk

    Why we can't have nice things

    Here is Ronnie giving the finger to a ball he missed. No wonder snooker has gone so far down hill.