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    I’m trying to I’d this cue and the value

    I think you're seeing glare. Brian.
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    Question for Scruggs experts

    Yes, can be used in that capacity. It can also be, the customer likes the astetics of it. For example, some Cats love box cues, but every time I see one I throw up in my mouth a little. Brian.
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    Tim Stihl pool table???

    Any parallels to the Clash Steel tables? Brian.
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    Gorst Grip/sticky

    I believe it's tennis grip wrap. Brian.
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    Carpet vs. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

    I much prefer carpet for all the reasons you stated. Brian.
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    Jon Spitz Pool Cue

    Guys, he has 1 post since he joined, hasn't been on since 05/05. I contacted him the minute he posted this cue. We went back and forth for 2 days. He plain outright refused any payment method that afforded me any protection. Could be completely legit, but, if it smells like shit, it's probably...
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    Getting my first Custom pool cue made questions

    Joint, balance, woods, wrap/wrapless, style, these are all preferences you should have. Your Cuemaker puts your needs/wants into YOUR cue. Brian.
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    Why, other than vanity?

    Somehow the Fish missed the Memo. Brian.
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    Why, other than vanity?

    Most, if not all, pool rooms/bars I shoot in the patrons don't know the difference between a Tasc and a Walmart special. So, the only person that appreciates the Cue in your hands is You. I Bass fish and tell my Wife all the time, "when I'm out fishing nobody has a clue how awesome my gear is"...
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    Need help with diamond table!!!!!

    One nut is to lock the other nut in place, the other nut is used to adjust the leg up and down, leveling the table. Glenn is supposed to be releasing a YouTube video going over the ENTIRE procedure for adjusting the level using the entire leveling system. Brian.
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    Who makes best maple shafts?

    Cory Barnhart. Don't know how many he's making anymore, went more towards Kielwood. Brian.
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    Pete Tonkin is a Fraud

    Good luck collecting it. Been down that road a bunch with dead beat Tennants. Can't get blood from a Turnip. Brian.
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    Logo ID

    That is correct. It did have Orchid on the butt cap. Cue played nice too. Brian.
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    Logo ID

    I had an Orchid (spelling) that had that exact ring work. That exact style also. Brian.
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    Who to build Shafts for a Scruggs

    Leon purchased some of Tim's equipment. I personally had a PH true Sneaky built by Sly to Scruggs dimensions. I could not tell a bit of difference between the Sly and my other 7 various Scruggs Sneakys. Cory Barnhart would probably be my first choice. Brian.
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    Who to build Shafts for a Scruggs

    Leon Sly. Brian.
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    J/B as a playing cue?

    I shoot with a gentleman that regularly plays with a Gilbert J/B with a shooting shaft. He's pretty sporty with it. He had it made with a shooting and break shaft. Brian
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    Playing by official rules.....

    Was practicing one day, and of course, someone asks to play a few games. I ask what rules do you want to play by and he said it doesn't matter. I suggested BCA and he agreed. I broke, made the 2 ball, called and shot the 13, and he had a blow up. Said I shot the wrong balls and I was a cheat. Brian.
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    Favorite Production Cue Ever

    My Mezz ZZ33, that cue changed everything, and still does. I don't shoot with her much anymore, but she just received 2 new Sigma shafts. Brian.
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    Shipping Charges

    Pirate Ship is amazing. It will give you a bunch of options, at really discounted prices. Take an 8' fishing rod to USPS once, you won't do it again. Brian.