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  1. marknyc

    Gilbert Jump/Break cues available?

    Worminator has a nice one.
  2. marknyc

    Cory Barnhart 4 point

    Gorgeous cue!
  3. marknyc

    WTB - Ebony Tasc or James White

    Looking for a Tasc or James White ebony and BEM four-point veneered cue with wrap.
  4. marknyc

    Sold Tascarella Hoppe for sale

    PM sent - happy to do PP this afternoon.
  5. marknyc

    WTB: JMW or Tascarella 4pt player

    Looking for a JMW or Tascarella 4 point player in good condition. Inlays are okay for the right style, but not looking for anything fancy. Cash or cash plus trade (with another well known cue maker’s cue as part of the deal).
  6. marknyc

    List Your 2 Favorite Pool Games, In Order, and Why

    1. Straight pool 2. See #1
  7. marknyc

    WANTED - Astle Merry Widow Cue

    Looking for one of Aaron's cues, preferably ebony with a burl or highly figured accent wood for the handle. Happy to look at anything you've got.
  8. marknyc

    2019 Barenbrugge Wrapless BEM/ 3 pc Purpleheart Handle. High Rings Copper Highlights!

    Nice Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Martin.
  9. marknyc

    US Open 14.1, May 2019

    I know this has wrapped up – I unfortunately missed it. Does anyone know if videos of the event are posted anywhere? Thanks in advance.
  10. marknyc

    Selling off part of my collection

    Thanks for looking!
  11. marknyc

    Selling off part of my collection

    Time to let a few of these beauties go to a new home Starting out with the three labeled at the bottom. Open to possibly parting with a few others. If you're interested, send me a DM for specs and prices. Note - I'll be away until tomorrow night, but will reply then. Cue 3 is sold.
  12. marknyc

    Mint Kenny Murrell - Brazilian rosewood with inlays

    Sold sold sold
  13. marknyc

    Show off your Burl cues!!!

    Here's one of mine. Have always loved this one.
  14. marknyc

    Mottey I picked up at the SBE...

    Nice one. Jamie is also the best in the business.
  15. marknyc

    The most expensive cue in the world....

    I bet it hits a ton. :D
  16. marknyc

    •••• Classic James White (JMW) - Mint ••••

    •••• Mint Classic James White (JMW) - Reduced •••• .... .....
  17. marknyc

    Ultimate birseye

    Outstanding wood in that one. That might be the best BEM I've seen outside of what I believe was a Ted Harris cue years ago on the CueAddicts site.
  18. marknyc

    My Collection - Updated

    Figured it was time for a new pic since I've simplified things a bit. Down to these plus another Hercek that is my regular player. Left to right: Haley, Mottey, JMW, JMW, JMW, Hercek, Hercek, Hercek, Hercek.
  19. marknyc

    Durbin Merry Widow - Amazing Brazilian Rosewood

    Mike Durbin Player SOLD No trades! Durbin cue is on the right. Pre-owned Durbin in near mint condition with AAAA+ Brazilian Rosewood. •19oz with one 13mm shaft. • G10 3/8x11 pin • Smooth Kangaroo wrap • Non-ivory cue. 2-day shipping in the U.S. only. Payment via Paypal. Mint JMW cue is...