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  1. Buzzard II


    Two very well known instructors have told me line up, lock on and step into the shot line, landing the bridge hand. Interpret that as you will. I will admit all my pool gloves have a hole in the heel of the hand. But I think I only land/slide 2-3 inches.
  2. Buzzard II

    English 6 foot pool tables

    Not likely. Why not just get a Valley bar box? Cheaper and it can be make to have any pocket size you want.
  3. Buzzard II

    Black Ferrules

    So take some black friction tape and do a wrap around your white ferrule. Play/practice a while then decide. I'm a geezer so I believe the 5 ball is orange, Gold Crowns are better and Willie is the GOAT.
  4. Buzzard II

    Your "first five" pointers...

    Most of the "rules" written here are dependent on vision center and body type. No one size fits all. Here's two that cover those differences. Keep the cue level (as possible) and if using the bridge, brace the butt on the table. (If possible)
  5. Buzzard II

    Should Mosconi Cup have one woman

    You should be banned for posting this. One month vacation.
  6. Buzzard II

    Should Mosconi Cup have one woman

    I don't know. About ten years ago I was watching some 10 ball at SBE. it was Jennifer Beretta vs. Stevie Moore. Hill-hill, Stevie pulled off a win. I much enjoyed watching Jenn.
  7. Buzzard II

    What shots objectively benefit from a closed bridge?

    About sixteen years ago I took up pool again after a 35 year lay-off. Figured I needed some help and took some lessons from a well known instructor. First thing he says is what a crappy (closed) bridge I have. "Hey, it worked back in the day of pool rooms and bars." Worked on an open bridge...
  8. Buzzard II


    I do a lot of motorcycle touring across the country. Stopping in local bars reveals some pretty imaginative 8 ball house rules. So stopping in some joint in East Cow Poop, Montana and playing Elimin-8-ball with the local bull riders... What could go wrong?
  9. Buzzard II

    Waste of money pool items

    I spend so much of my disposable income on motorcycles and guns that anything spent on pool would be a saving.
  10. Buzzard II

    Long vs. short posts............

    I really miss Tramp Steamer, always entertaining. There's another fellow who is always "I'm the greatest pool shooter, gun shooter, bar fighter, blah, blah, blah. Quite full of himself, very tiring. Then NPR, the world's foremost experts on everything, mostly liberal and long winded.
  11. Buzzard II

    All for one and one for all doesn't get it.

    DCP, for all the grief you've given Randy and Scott over the years why do you insist on dredging these posts up? It really speaks for your character.
  12. Buzzard II

    Short Rack 8 Ball

    And I'm happy he did. During the pandemic I bought a Valley and put it next to my GC for close friends who aren't pool oriented to play on. Now everyone has a good time. I never even knew of short rack or fast eight. I called it 9ball-8ball. Regular 8 ball rules. Started this because of the...
  13. Buzzard II

    Kinister 1 hour workout

    Yeah, about 45 degrees. BTW aside from the tables it was apple to apple because I used the same higher end Aramith cue ball. I just tried it again with the heavy magnetic CB on the Valley and it went right for the side pocket, so it added two more diamonds. All of this is way more spin than I am...
  14. Buzzard II

    Kinister 1 hour workout

    Tried that this morning Bob. I have two tables in the basement. The GC IV I hit reliably between the second and third. On a Valley 88 I can hit the second diamond. This has newish Penguin rails.
  15. Buzzard II

    Kinister 1 hour workout

    No. If I could do that regularly I'd have center table down, it would just be speed.
  16. Buzzard II

    Kinister 1 hour workout

    Yeah, back in the center. I can pot the ball, no problem. Getting position is frustrating. CB likes to scratch in the other corner. The margin I guess is a sheet of notebook paper. Outside I can make the OB and bring the CB back. Two rails, no.
  17. Buzzard II

    Kinister 1 hour workout

    Thanks Bob. My nightmare continues. Maybe three times in three years. That spin hurts. I'm a geezer, please don't remind me again.
  18. Buzzard II

    help with Condo billiard area!!!

    Don't think a outside basement wall is to good for the cues either. Which can be to your advantage. Keep your cue in a case in your apartment. Let the others play with warped firewood.
  19. Buzzard II

    Reason for “expensive “ chalk

    And here I was thinking I'd gone major league when I started buying Blue Diamond at $7. a two pack.
  20. Buzzard II

    Holistic leaf Dufferin

    "Holistic". Now that's some esoteric, woke B/S right there. It's as descriptive as zilch. All I can say is the worst hitting, sounding and playing cue I every had the misfortune to own is a cheap ass Chinese Dufferin Style, McDermott knockoff with a "Holistic" cloverleaf in the butt. That's the...