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    Blues Music & Pool

    blues fan Great, great list. An old Mississippi blues man I listen to a lot while I'm playing is Jimmy Reed. Dale
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    World's Got the 8 or Pool Sucker T-Shirt Contest--Free Entry to AZB-ers

    contest new #'s 27, 30 J. Dale
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    Ginacue pleads guilty

    In as least 10 African countries you can today bye a permit to hunt/kill elephants and yes you get to keep the tusks, it's important tourism to their economy. It's well regulated by the goverments to maintain populations of healthy herds due to the lost elephant habitat. Most illegal ivory come...
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    Which player from the past(or even present) do you wish there was more footage of?

    Denny Searcy, pay ball on a 6 X12. WOW
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    Ginacue popped over ivory, hopefully much or all fake.

    I wrote my congressman and ask him to look into Ernie's situation. Ask him to make sure Ernie's not being railroaded by over zealous goverment myrmidons. If was a California complaint, CDFG law enforcement would not only have went and arrested Ernie they would have stripped his shop of anything...
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    Bar Rules Like Wildfire Part 28

    Your lack of knowledge about bar/coin tables, says maybe you've never played on a bar table, in a bar. FYI, cue ball come back to the head end of the table after a scratch. No money envloved, you only have to put coins in to release the object balls.
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    Pool cue or a fly rod?

    I got a real nice Gary Howell's cane rod 8' for a 4 line, nearly unfished, for sale. Dale
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    Older than you?

    Please accept my apologies, it's an eight point Gina. JDale
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    Older than you?

    The cue I play with was made in 1964/65, I'm 21 years older than my cue, I've been playing with the cue for 48 plus yrs now. I've played with a lot of different cues in my life but my player still has the best hit, IMHO, of any cue I've played with. Yes, I own more that one cue.
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    RIP - John Robinson

    Met John in the early sixties, when he was living in Hayward. He layed carpet in the daytime and was making cues at night. John made 3 cues for me back then. RIP John Dale
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    Your favorite cue builder, if you can only have one cue you have played with

    Gina, great playing cue, been playing with it for nearly 50 yrs now, still love it!!!!
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    Who makes the best custom cue

    Ginacue, for me
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    If you could have a plain jane player from any maker...?

    My plainjane, 17a Ginacue
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    Is Pool a Sport?

    Forgot to add, a grasp of geometry, also.
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    Is Pool a Sport?

    Pool requires excellent hand eye coordination, phyical stamina and a mental grasp of phyics. A little heart doesn't hurt either ! It's a sport !
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    one pocket strange occurrence - what's the ruling?

    At the start of the paragraph you state that the game is 1 To 1 when Joe takes the intention foul and spots 1 ball. At that point I assume he was out of pocketed balls, where did the other two balls he claimed were his come from ???
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    Enough room or too tight?

    why don't you turn the table 90 degrees and move the sofa and that other thing to another part of the room ????
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    Value of my table?

    It's a VIP by Brunswick I had one same legs, skirtings and rails as in your pictures. Yours looks to be in great shape. Someone antiqued white the table I had, it looked terrible but played great. Dale
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    Bar Table Size Issue

    Just curious, did Valley or one of the coin op table companies make a 4x8, 46x92", table also ????