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  1. zeeder

    Getting close

    Looks to be a child holding it.
  2. zeeder

    Pre 1980 Guess the Builder

  3. zeeder

    Do you have cues you like best of makers you own currently? Favorates

    For me, I can't stand the idea of having a great cue and not playing with it. It helps that I tend to adjust to the cue pretty quickly (or, more likely, I'm not good enough that it
  4. zeeder

    Do you have cues you like best of makers you own currently? Favorates

    I switch between my JMW and my Shelby. Both great cues! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. zeeder

    Gus Szamboti 70's

    My JMW is 19.7 and my Shelby is 20 ounces so I don't agree.
  6. zeeder

    My new JMW!!

    Thanks everyone, the design is very special to me and it makes it all the better that it plays so well. Last night was very fun, even if I didn’t play that well!
  7. zeeder

    My new JMW!!

    I did, so, we haven't been together the whole 14 years and I'm so thankful that it went to a good home that allowed me to buy it back! I've had some offers but I don't know that I could part with the cue again, and hope to never be in the position where I have to!
  8. zeeder

    My new JMW!!

    I was just thinking about this and it looks like I missed my 14 year anniversary with my JMW. I'm going to have to take her out on the town tonight and spend some quality time!
  9. zeeder

    What is the reason behind your collection?

    The bottom is, indeed, a Shelby Custom Cue. The top cue is a James M White (JMW) cue.
  10. zeeder

    What is the reason behind your collection?

    I don't know that you would call mine a collection either but I enjoy the process of designing something unique and working with a builder to have the design come to fruition. I choose cue makers whose work I like and who I think can help elevate the design in my head, or come up with something...
  11. zeeder

    Canada bound

    Gorgeous cue indeed. I wish I could see it in person!
  12. zeeder

    Bob Manzino Cue Caps

    Love that Vigus and the caps suit it to a Tee!
  13. zeeder

    Jerry Rauenzahn 4 Point Hoppe - Ivory Joint, Ring & Ferrules - Pristine & Straight

    If this were 60" I'd have to buy it! Gorgeous cue and good luck with the sale!
  14. zeeder

    Bob Manzino Cue Caps

    Good eye Alton! It is indeed a JMW: I also decided to have some shaft protectors to "match" but decided not to try and recreate the ring: That JMW that you did caps for is a fantastic example of James' work and the JPs are amazing, as always!
  15. zeeder

    Bob Manzino Cue Caps

    I did that very thing, I think agree, it really completes the cue!
  16. zeeder

    Shelby Williams - Top Notch

  17. zeeder

    Scruggs, Vigus and others

    You've got great taste in cues, I definitely lust after that Vigus though!
  18. zeeder

    New Member to the family

    That’s a classic beauty there!
  19. zeeder

    FS: 2x4 GTF, mid-extension and Blue Book 3rd Ed

    For your viewing pleasure, I have three items for sale: 1. 2x4 black lizard print GTF Prestige case in good used condition - $old 2. Ebony 5/16x14 to Radial 2' mid-extension made by newsherrifitown weighing 1.4oz. - $old 3. Blue Book of Pool Cues, 3rd Edition - $old All prices include shipping...
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    That second Mottey is right up my alley! Great looking cues, all!