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  1. gobrian77

    Another Day in Manila

    It would be good to see you here sometime. There are still a few snooker parlors around (with the 12-footers- those tables always seem like football fields to me) but they're not really mainstream anymore. If you have any desire to re-enter the kick-boxing arena, I train in Muay Thai a few...
  2. gobrian77

    Another Day in Manila

    Like a lot of places, Russ, Thailand is what you make of it- it can be a great place- I wouldn't still be here if that wasn't the case.:)
  3. gobrian77

    Another Day in Manila

    You should try to make it to Bangkok sometime, Jay- I know Brad has tried to convince you to come over during one of your PI trips- there's an interesting pool scene here with some very nice rooms (though it's not as ingrained as it is in the Philippines)- it's worth a look- you'd probably enjoy...
  4. gobrian77

    Another Day in Manila

    As far as Thailand goes, I've been here nearly eleven years now (I spent eight years in Japan before moving here- I'm from New York)- there are a LOT of foreigners who spend a couple of years here who end up becoming very disillusioned with the place (obviously I'm not referring to tourists who...
  5. gobrian77

    Blue Book

    I had dinner with Brad last week- he's pretty busy with other stuff and he has no immediate plans for a new edition of the Blue Book.
  6. gobrian77

    SZAMBOTI Tee Shirts here NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    Things are good- business is slow, but it's rainy season at the moment. I'll be here- just let me know your dates.
  7. gobrian77

    SZAMBOTI Tee Shirts here NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    Kenny, save me an XL in blue or red- bring it out to Thailand on your next trip and I'll settle up with you here.:wink:
  8. gobrian77

    From Field of Green to the MMA Cage

    He's a tough guy- he just needs to work on his Muay Thai defense a bit (I saw the fight on TV over here in Thailand- as it was a preliminary bout it might not have been aired in the States- it was shown during extra time after the main event). He took some vicious leg kicks in Saturday's fight...
  9. gobrian77

    Need info on "Aska Cues"

    I bought a set of cheap house cues, a Viking, and a case from them a couple of years ago- the house cues weren't bad for the price. I have no complaints about the service- they forgot to include a set of joint protectors (stuff happens) and shipped them out immediately when I informed them of...
  10. gobrian77

    AZ Poolfest II

    I've beaten that Cuaba guy a dozen times- I may have had to play him hundreds of times to do it, but it still counts.:p
  11. gobrian77

    Good news: Guinness World Series of Pool -New announcement from ESPN!

    Great stuff- considering the huge coverage ESPN/Star Sports gave to the Guiness 9-ball Tour in recent years here in Asia, this should be fully broadcast as well.
  12. gobrian77


    Might wanna go with a 10-ball as it seems 9-ball is taking a back seat to it these days...;)
  13. gobrian77

    A Common Lanuage We all Speak

    I'm gonna come up to Bangkok for a few days after Songkran as well (I'll try to make Brad's b-day- I may miss it by a day or two though- depends on some stuff I have scheduled in Samui that I'm trying to get out of).
  14. gobrian77

    BARRY SZAMBOTI CUE....Who knows them ??

    I'll second that- he's a friend of Barry as well.
  15. gobrian77

    Cues allowed on planes now???

    I'm able to bring my cues on the plane when I fly from Samui (the small Thai island where I live) to Bangkok- they always ask me at the x-ray counter what's in the case, and I say, "A snooker cue" (they don't get "pool cue")- it's never a problem. I like knowing the cues are just above my head...
  16. gobrian77

    Video of Joe Rogan possessed by the spirit of Earl Strickland

    You're obviously a fan- there's no way Earl could find anything but humor and respect in that vid.;)
  17. gobrian77

    Physical Fitness Video for Pool Players (REVIEW)

    It's true, I haven't played as much as I would like lately (at least in 2010).:p I competed in an online competition (for total distance in 31 days) in January- I finished 8th out of 4500 rowers, and ended up with over 1.2mil meters (knocked off the 1st mil in 24 days)- I could have finished...
  18. gobrian77

    Physical Fitness Video for Pool Players (REVIEW)

    Nope, haven't done the work-out- I'm currently coming to the end of the most brutal training year of my life, though (it ends April 30th- the training year, not my life:wink:- it will have involved me rowing in excess of 6,000,000 meters in 12 months- that's over 3700 miles- along with at least...
  19. gobrian77

    Physical Fitness Video for Pool Players (REVIEW)

    The difference here is that boxers and football players (overtime excluded:cool:) know exactly how long their particular matches will (maximally) last- their late comebacks generally happen with the knowledge that no further effort will (probably) be necessary after the last final drive- there's...
  20. gobrian77

    Physical Fitness Video for Pool Players (REVIEW)

    I'm really into my fitness- I'm an avid indoor rower- I'm currently ranked #28 out of more than 30,000 rowers for total meters since May 1st (the "rowing season" runs May 1st to April 30th)- I also go to the gym four times per week to work on strength training (I hit the gym hard- I'm very...