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    WTB Capone Cue

    Please send me the pics and your offer. I have not received them. Bumping it up.. Still looking.. Anyone has one to sell? @Worminator: Thanks, I've sent an email to Mike and still waiting for the pictures from him.
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    WTB Capone Cue

    Weekend bump. Still looking. Somebody out there should have a Capone that they would like to let go.
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    WTB Capone Cue

    Thanks but this is not something that I am looking for. Let's try again and give it an Easter Sunday bump!
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    WTB Capone Cue

    I am interested in buying a Capone cue. I am not eyeing for something fancy or special at the moment. Just a normal Plain Jane (preferably BEM) or southwest style will be alright. Weight should be 19.2 - 19.5oz. Shaft 12.5 - 12.75mm I have a Judd JT-1 for trade if you are interested. Condition...
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    Help me identify this Schon LTD

    Any help here anyone? Still searching for answers. Thanks!
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    Help me identify this Schon LTD

    Fellow AZers, I have been trying to identify this Schon LTD but could not get the serial number for this. I have looked at Renegade_56's archieve on Schon cues but this one is not there either. I have a couple of questions pertaining to this cue: 1. Is the buttsleeve of this cue real ivory or...
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    Ivory Joint Schon Tributes

    Dean, please drop me a PM. I am interested in building this schon with ivory joint. Has been a die hard schon fan.
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    2 30inch schon shafts For Sale

    Is the ivory shaft a Schon iv shaft? If not, who changed the ferrule? How big is the diameter of the shaft? Let me know, i might take the schon with ivory ferrule. Thanks
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    FS - 4 BK2's

    PM me the price please. Thanks
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    Shafts for sale: SCHON 13 - Gold Letter Joss - Schon IV

    If PocketsCalgary backs out, I'll take the schonIV shaft. Thanks.
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    Fire sale mike stacey like new

    Nice cue you got there.. PM Sent
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    JMW Contacts

    Hi all, I am contemplating whether to get a used JMW in this forum or get a new one directly from JMW. Do you guys happen to know how to contact James White or his cue store? Tried googling it but to no avail. Thanks in advance for your help guys. Charlie
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    MWTB: Bender, Mottey or JMW cue

    I've been receiving some JMW offer in my mailbox.. Any available Bender out there? I'm still looking.
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    Amazing 8 point Black Boar cue for sale

    Drop dead gorgeous looking cue you have there. All the best.
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    MWTB: Bender, Mottey or JMW cue

    Thanks for the offer. Will consider. Keep it coming
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    MWTB: Bender, Mottey or JMW cue

    It all depends on the cue.. But I am looking for a play cue and not a collectors item
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    MWTB: Bender, Mottey or JMW cue

    I just come back to the pool playing scene after 2 years of hiatus due to work and some family related issue. Currently, I am looking to buy a new cue. I would like to get a feeler of what is in the market for Bender, Mottey or James White players cue. Let me know if you guys have anything...
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    Scruggs For Sale

    PM sent sir. Thanks
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    WTS Judd Custom Cue

    PM me if you are interested in a trade. Thanks
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    Schon LTD Ivory, Purpleheart

    can you provide some better pictures?