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  1. MurrayNevada

    Diamond Table Wait Time

  2. MurrayNevada

    8ft versus 9ft Diamond Pro am (room 17'6" x 14')

    Your numbers are good. The bottom of the light shades is 37.5" above the playing surface.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    And sadly, nobody loved him.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Red is in a red bottle too (262).
  5. MurrayNevada

    Funny pic/gif thread...

  6. MurrayNevada

    RKC on You Tube

    On a few occasions Glen has helped me, via telephone, with problems I have had with the two tables I have owned. Once spending over an hour on the phone with me. He has even offered to stop by my house the next time he was in my area to fix something for me and at no cost to me. He is one of the...
  7. MurrayNevada

    Brand new Diamond table marking balls

    Played many hours on my Pro-Am over the past two years and never a mark on a ball.
  8. MurrayNevada

    8ft versus 9ft Diamond Pro am (room 17'6" x 14')

    I had the same dilemma and chose the 8' Pro-Am. I've played too many games in homes where short cues were necessary. Somebody said earlier in this thread that shorties become annoying really quick. I agree with that 100 percent.
  9. MurrayNevada

    Taom Chalk

    I’m not sure blue is needed. The current V10 never leaves traces on my TB Diamond table. It also seems to last forever.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Not for anyone in my orbit!
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    Cringe-worthy Army Commercial

    Very well said.
  12. MurrayNevada

    Cringe-worthy Army Commercial

    Picked up 5,000 Marines??? That's where your story failed completely. I spent six months on an old APA (Attack Transport) and our berthing spaces were immaculate. You know nothing of Marines. Next time you encounter a group of Marines be sure to repeat your story.
  13. MurrayNevada

    Getting my Table Recovered Today-

    I've been very happy with Mark's work.
  14. MurrayNevada

    Diamond Wire Ball Holder

    Mine holds 18 balls. I never have a need to hold more than that.
  15. MurrayNevada

    Wood shafts--Carbon fiber

    I'm buying a kryptonite shaft with some of the money I'm being sent by a rich Nigerian prince. The kryptonite shafts are said to put the wood, Kiel-wood, and carbon shafts to shame. Should really elevate my game.
  16. MurrayNevada

    Olhausen Help!!!!

    Agree... But good shots down the rail, with speed, can be frustrating.
  17. MurrayNevada

    Olhausen Help!!!!

    The threads concerning rattle include a large amount of info concerning pocket size, angle, etc. Well worth a read.
  18. MurrayNevada

    Olhausen Help!!!!

    Search "Olhausen Rattle" on this website. Lots of info on their pockets.
  19. MurrayNevada

    How many people with very negative opinions about the Predator table, have actually played on one?? Or set one up / worked on one???

    I want a pool table, not an advertising billboard. Diamond offers black epoxy Diamond logos on end rail skirts, or no logo at all, for those who feel the same. Better to have the choice than not.