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  1. Realizm

    cases #16

    You back making cases?
  2. Realizm

    Ariel Carmeli Cue Question

    Mines :) have nothing on it . But every one knows what it's .
  3. Realizm

    Keilwood shafts

    Kielwood shafts are stiffer and darker. But,back in the day it was something done to reduce tones in instruments. . Now it's use to makes pool cue shafts .. P.S tapers make a big difference..
  4. Realizm

    Isoplast Ferrule, Joint and Butt Cap Blanks

    Need some joint and butt caps 5 each .. pm price .
  5. Realizm

    Sold SOLD

    Is this still for sale
  6. Realizm

    Isoplast Ferrules

    Hello I would like some inbox me your payment info
  7. Realizm

    Milk Dud Tips

    Do you have some left
  8. Realizm

    Madman Tips

    Hello do have sample I can test out ?
  9. Realizm

    What is the best product to use for cues

    Looking for cleaning products
  10. Realizm

    Post your Art Cantando cues

    Any one looking to buy one of his cues ?
  11. Realizm

    SBE 2022 | Are You Going??

    yep i'm there with some big cues for sale maybe ..
  12. Realizm

    2222 Butterfly case

    how much for a case like that ?
  13. Realizm

    My Kenny Murrell cue collection

    Do u still have murrell cues
  14. Realizm

    2 x 4 Custom GD Cue Case

    Do u still have this case
  15. Realizm

    New GTF 2/4 Cases - - Updated

    Do you have any left.
  16. Realizm

    Olney Pau Ferru Cue

    Pm me pictures