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  1. TxOnePocket

    My view on handicapped matches and FR

    What I've seen after playing in these events for a few years now is the main difference is consistency, higher rated players make ALOT less dumb mistakes. The higher rated players normally are on the correct side of the ball for shape, don't over or under hit balls for no reason and generally...
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    Sold Two Bob Runde Cues

    Whoa, nice Runde
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    Sold FS/ 1997 Tim Scruggs

    This one still up for grabs?
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    If you could have any Cue in the World? What would your dream Cue be?

    A Searing / Black Boar colab :cool:
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    I originally asked 4k and after a few days with no PM's I lowered it $500 every two days until...

    I originally asked 4k and after a few days with no PM's I lowered it $500 every two days until it sold, which was 2k. If I hadnt needed the money asap I doubt I would have gone below 3.5k.
  6. TxOnePocket

    you found 5 grand could only spend on a cue or cues ,what would the pick be ?

    I'd call @Zirroe Eddie Cohen and tell him the thing I love about cues, about my preferences but with no limits or guidelines and in about a year I'd receive a piece of ART! If it was 10k to spend, i'd drop the entire 10k on someone's Scruggs's Phantom w/4 shafts and change the market 👀⬆️🏴‍☠️
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    We're Missing This Awesomeness Without Justin

    This is how I ship my cues, and man do they vacuum seal over the different altitudes!
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    For me the main draw after I got to the DCC was the action room, for that reason there is no comparison. At the Executive West the action room was in one large room with about (8) 9ft's I believe and 1 or 2 bar boxes? it was all in 1 central location until tables freed up and a few matches could...
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    Have you any good stories about underworld characters you met in Pool Rooms?

    Yes I have lots, Raytown Rec was a great but scary place for a kid to grow up. I'd guess the Jay Swanson story would be the best for around here but CJ knows it and tells a much better story so I yield to the mullet.
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    What is this Diamond Black label?

    Its funny this name came up, this Diamond’s Black Label prototype just got delivered to Roys Basement this past week, obviously not the same table but the name is new and alive again.
  11. TxOnePocket

    SVB and Dennis score.

    It was just my opinion, we dont and wont know that, and yes I guess it "could" have been just excitement and endurance.
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    SVB and Dennis score.

    I mean I agree with everything you said, It's not against any rule or even frowned upon in our world, was just a glaring assessment of day 3 that stood out to me.
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    SVB and Dennis score.

    Match of the Decade, and now Terry Hanna with the Recap of the decade lol
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    SVB and Dennis score.

    While watching the final day I took a few things away from the players. #1 - I firmly believe Shane was having back problems on the final day, while I know it's not an excuse those of us with back issues know that once the pain sets in it takes over your bod and your mind. He seemed to keep...
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    For sale two Diamond Rosewood Pro Am 9 foot tables with lights

    I meant the rosewood tables are the old diamondwood, you know before the factory burnt down, imho these tables are worth more for that reason.
  16. TxOnePocket

    For sale two Diamond Rosewood Pro Am 9 foot tables with lights

    Cant get Rosewood anymore correct? what a great deal!
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    Eddie Cohen COM ( DOOM )

    SOLD With Black - Blue - Green - Natural veneers this cue is beatiful, pictures do not do it justice!! a classic design with every bell and whistle, the ringwork and Gabon wrapless handle really stands apart and screams quality. Cue was made with 2 shafts and later he had 2 LD shafts made by...
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    Tyler Styer vs Jesus Stencil getting the 9 in 10 ball Race tom100 starts now

    Its like a bunch of kids with cans with strings in here :speechless: The players agreed on the rules before the match, Tyler had very particular rules about cleaning the table and balls at every break during the match ( which changes the play of the table ), but all agreed. During day 1 while...