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    Bad news

    Prayers for you sir.
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    Sherline cnc rotary table

    I replied to it.
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    Sherline cnc rotary table

    SOLD I have a Sherline cnc rotary table with vertical mount and tailstock. It's never been used except to test it out.
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    Sad To Report Passing of Dennis Dieckman (Deekmon) Today

    Rest In Peace Dennis.
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    Fixture to Hold/Index Cue in Small CNC

    The centerline on the Sherline rotary table with the 90° mount is 2.7 inches.
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    Some news

    Rest in peace Neil.
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    Cue display questions

    Vertical would be best!!!
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    Caveat Emptor

    See all feedback Says 100% positive feedback but there's this
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    Dye keeps coming off leather Larry, go to the site above and join and then post it there.. Explain exactly what you've done and the problem you're having. You should get good advice there!! I've used neatsfoot oil on...
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    Leather wrap conditioning

    You can rub in a couple of light coats of neatsfoot oil or even extra Virgin light olive oil!! Google "oil for leather" as there are oils you can buy!!
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    compression joint

    It's an interference fit. Probably what it should be called!!!
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    Removing chuck

    Probably be easier with 2 spanner wrenches!!
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    Surprises when doing work on production cues

    Not only does one have nothing to gain, a cuemaker/business has much to lose as customers will judge one on their integrity and decide not to do business with you!!!!
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    Yet another lathe question

    Call Chris and tell him what you want to do and he'll set you up with what you need!
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    samsara break tip problem

    Read that Samsara recommended the Scotchweld DP 420 for installations of these tips!! Can be bought at Atlas Billiards..
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    wtb flat head socket bolts This company carries flat phillips head machine screws but not sure of sizes!! You might check them out!!
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    Buyer Beware! Warning

    Yep, need to not keep it at the top!!!
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    Beware Jeff Forney!!!!!

    Fisherman, why are you trading for just the butt of the cue?? In the wanted,sale forum he was trying to sell a Davis butt because he said he could make more money that way!!
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    When do you get nervous? Banned * Status:*Offline Posts: 1 vCash: 500 iTrader:*0*/ 0% Join Date: Dec 2013 * * *I Am MISTER JEFFERY FORNEY -*12-16-2013, 07:13 PM please allow me to introduce myself #1. i am not barkcinnamon #2. i am...
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    Beware Jeff Forney!!!!!

    Yeah, it's kind of like that old show "This is your life" with a twist!!!!